Serpentine enjoyed the warm sunrays on her as she was lying in the sun. Her wings were unfolded and stretched to her sides, almost as if she was flying or swimming. Over the course of the past few weeks spring had come and fully made winter retread. Neither she nor Gyle wanted to move on. They considered returning to the village, or at least the sheppards den.

“Serpentine!” Gyle waved to her elevated position from the mountain slope, high heartedly she flung herself from her rocky spot and glid down to him. The fur of the boars were stacked at his side. He had not hunted for more since her energence from hibernation, he wanted to look for something to hunt once they were at the lake.

“We can use them as bed now and in the summer, and to keep us warm in the next winter.” he boasted about his idea to take the fur with them. A painful expression crossed Serpentines face, worried Gyle grasped for her hand but she withdrew quickly. “In the summer,” she stammered, sighing deeply. “You should stay away from me in the summer.” Gyle softly leaned his to the side. “I am convinced that I am safe.” again there was a confidence and reassurance in his voice that made all her worries disappear. “What if I am nothing but the scorpion from your fable?” she cried, now reaching for his hand. Gently Gyle laid his arm around her, comforting her against his shoulder, uttering soothing sounds after each of her sobs.

“Then I shall always be with you.” he sighed. Serpentine and he parted a little, catching each others eyes with theirs. Unsure when it had happened or how, Gyle realized in that moment, that he loved Serpentine. The thought of parting ways with her made him sad to the point of physical pain.

“I will always stay at your side.” Serpentine felt similarly, but the fear that she might kill him when in heat, was driving an even more painful thorn into her heart than the thought of parting ways with him .

Slowly they found back together. Their lips touched and seemed to melt together for a gentle, loving kiss.

Holding hands and pulling the sleigh like contraption Gyle had built, the two moved towards the hut. Years of neglect had made its roof leaking and the walls needed some work. Now that they were preparing to stay at that location Gyle made plans to fix these things. It would take much of work for it to get Winter ready, maybe it’d never be, but for most of the year the two could stay at that location.

Serpentine was still doubting her capability to suppress the mating urge, but she was willing to. As she gathered wood for a campfire in the nearby forest her dream from hibernation came back to her mind. Lost in thought she stared at the hut on the vast green field.

Hammering noise echoed over to her bringing her back to reality.