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Please forgive my latest posts’ qualities.

I’m up to my neck in work – both at the office and at home, and my head sometimes isn’t right were it ought to be.  Hence my recent posts lacked a certain quality, especially in the publicize department.

On a more entertaining note: the old friend (that gave me the frights) was over for a visit on Saturday with his wife. Wonderful evening, but I think my wife was shocked to find that two sober, thirty something year old males could still remember the lyrics to Mila Superstar. 😀
(And my best friend does so too)

Again, please forgive the lack of quality recently, and if anything pisses you off about the quality – please comment. 😉


Circle Journal – 3 Succubi (ep 6)

Orlon sat on his bed, both the landlady and the barmaid had not left him alone for several hours, since the naging feeling had not left him either he had retreated to the comforting quiet of the room . The noise from the taproom was faint, faded over the course of several hours, until it was quiet all through the house.

Disturbed by the increase in the nagging feeling he wandered around the room. A look outside the window revealed a shallow overcast that even the moon could shine through, other than that the small town was quiet.

The hysterical screams of a girl alarmed him. From his boots he had pulled a knife, a dagger from the rest of his luggage. A young naked woman sat in the hall across an open door. Warm flixkering lamplight poured out of it onto the wooden planks and the pale walls of the house. Mariana came running in her full attire from the taproom, another woman, whom she would introduce as her sister in law later, as well.

Worried Mariana kneed down to the naked woman. “What is it?” Orlon meanwhile looked into the room. The sheets on the bed were twisted around in a passionate manner. A man was lying on the bed, barely recognizable as a man. He was dry husk, except his erection. Immediately he turned to the naked woman, without a word he grabbed her hand and pricked her palm with the knife. She screamed out in pain, red drops of blood fell to the ground. “She’s fine.” he stated, turning away again, realizing in that moment that his companion was dead. Instead Mariana and her sister in law looked at him with an expression of disbelief. “Lady Mariana, you have a Succubus in this house, I had to ensure it ain’t this woman.”

“Of course she’s not a Succubus! She’s working for me!” Mariana tended to the woman, it took a moment for her to realize the implications of Orlons words. All color vanished from her face before she stood up facing Orlon. “A Succubus you say?” her voice thinned. Rustling noises from the attic drew the attention of Orlon and her.

In close pursuit of her guest Mariana directed him to the ladder leading up. She and her sister in law lived there, above tge taproom, above the guest rooms there was nothing other than empty room and cobwebs.

Orlon treaded with care, the old planks were prone to make noise. “You can come out, there is nothing to fear.” Mariana felt as if she had to throw herself around his neck after Orlon had spoken. She was attracted to his voice anyways but in that moment the vibrant tone of his voice resonated deep within her soul. As she wanted to pkunge to the open door of the attic another voice made her blood run cold.

“How come you don’t fear me? More important yet, how can you make me want to reveal myself to you?” a woman stepped into diffuse moonlight that shone through a smeary window in the roof.

Circle Journal – 3 Succubi (ep 5)

From a few steps away, catering to the needs of her other guests Mariana watched Orlon eating. She noticed that from time to time he rubbed his temples, looking around in a worrisome manner.

On numerous occasions did she want to rush to him and ask whether everything was alright with the food. She was prepared to send her loyal guests away if they annoyed him. Or to serve him dinner in his room.

Knowing her guests and her sister in law watching her she refrained from doing so. It took her some time to realize but the bar maiden she had hired was also quite interested in Orlon, eventhough he did not encourage her, she kept returning to his table asking whether he needed something. When Mariana asked she answered that she merely wanted to hear Orlons voice.

The soothing sound of his voice that was giving her and Mariana the feeking that they were embraced by something that gave them warming comfort, but at the same time was rough. It aroused both of them just to think of his voice.


My carrier got bought by a competitor, and now we’re in a new network.
Old contracts legally binding? Fine.
Still with the bonus points system? Fine.
Being wih the special-needs-cases of mobile phone networking? Not so fine…

You see, my new carrier started out as the Odd One. “With us you can can have video calls!?”
And whom would I video call?
The first video call sex hotline?
Peoples ears?
People without the camera at the front?
Outside of the video network carrier???
Tell me you techno dicks!

A few years ago, a decade, or rather, two, a few nerds and geeks got a techno boner dreaming up videocalls over the internet. They worked, and worked and came up with stuff like Skype.

Why did they do it?
Because they could! And because they thought it’d might get them chicks. And/Or money.

Then some other dickhead thought “I can’t wait to have videocalls on the go.” and because he was not good with patience, he got to work.
So that a completely useless feature is implemented in reality. Not even SciFi was using that kind of crap! Say what you will about SciFi writers, they know a useless feature when they sdee one, and if anyone ever truly thought that videocalls on the go were a nifty idea, we’d have seen it in SciFi.

So now I have to be with the special kids, you know the kind, those who eat glue and eat Valium like M&Ms to contain their ADHD.
I wouldn’t mind normally, genius and insanity is separated by a very thin, nigh non-existent border. But the videocall crowd is deeper inside the crazy, and farther from genius territory.

Almost like those cretins still using Fax. Seriously, that technology NEVER was in demand.
It is just like mobile videocalls, it never appeared in SciFi, thus you can conclude it’s a useless feature. Please ban that crap from this planet, it is annoying me to have it in the same reality as me.

Circle Journal – 3 Succubi (ep 4)

“You are back early.” Mariana was pleasantly surprised at Orlons appearing. “And you are in luck stranger, dinner is about ready.” she smiled. Her unfamiliar kindness caused the present townsfolk to raise eyebrows.

“Thank you kindly.” the tall man replied looking around the room. “Have any other guests checked in that are unfamiliar to you?”

Mariana tilted her head slightly. “I’m afraid not, and trust me, in times like these I’d know of strangers in my house.” She noticed that her guest was nodding, but she didn’t wait for any responses or additional questions, instead she hurried to the kitchen, where her sister in law prepared the meal. Both their husbands had died in the recent year.

“Are you trying to find yourself a new man?” Mariana looked shocked to her upon hearing that question. “Why, no. Of course not.” she blushed slightly.

“Good, by law the Inn would be his then.” her sister in law pointed back to the taproom with a grim expression. Mariana rolled her eyes while preparing the meal for Orlon. She wouldn’t take another husband for the life of hers.

Eventhough the stranger was attractive in her eyes.

As she returned to Orlon the villagers had gathered around him, pestering him to tell of the creatures he had slain, the adventures he had been on. In his grim expression Mariana could see that he was considering a violent outburst. “Leave our esteemed guest alone, he has better things to do rather than to tell you of his life.” she drove away the men from his table and proceeded to serve his meal in a slow, but fluid motion. “It’s stew.” she elaborated as he paused for a moment.

“I know.” he smirked, picking up the cutlery.

Circle Journal – 3 Succubi (ep 3)

Orlon awoke a few moments after he had fallen asleep. The haunting flood of violent screams, screeches and images arrived from memory in his mind almost instantly. With a long sigh he sat back up. From the narrow window he could see out to the west. Have none of the creatures left around him and Argho?

He did not know. All left to him at that moment was hope.

Hope, the last of the curses in pandoras box. Orlon shook the feeling that came paired with doubt, off. Sun was about to set behind the chimneys. Although there still was time left he decided to wander to taproom, see whether dinner was ready ahead of time.

There was a nagging feeling, a sensation he only felt in the presence of certain beings. Annoyed he rubbed his temple, as he continued on his way.

Brio Railroad Tracks

This brings back memories of countless hours, days and even weeks spent on our carpet floor, building the track – bends, bridges, tunnels, parallel tracks, diverging ones, merging ones, etc., playing it and having the rough carpet leave an imprint on my knees even through thick cord trousers.

Clearly I can recall the puzzle piece like connectors of the track pieces themselves, and the wiggly plastic wheels of the trains.

I absolutely loved this a child, although it wasn’t the posh electric track I always wanted. In retrospect, the electric one wouldn’t have been as much fun.

Now, it IS made from wood, and that alone deserves bonus points – the smell and feeling of wood is priceless – plus, it’s eco friendly. Thanks to it being made of beech wood it had the durability to withstand damage from childsplay.

The track itself finely tuned my problem solving skills, and made me think of “work-arounds” (something we IT people love and loathe, equally). Playing with it taught me of gravity, friction and inertia, and mostly – magnetism. (The individual cars of the trains were connected via magnets.)

All that while connecting a train and letting it roll down a bridge you had built, just to watch some carts fly off or derail, while the rest of the train stalled off after a relatively short distance. Inertia, friction, gravity.

Or while pulling a train you discover at some point the magnets can’t hold together the lengthy train anymore.

I recall that the train tracks grew larger year by year, and soon my rather large room wasn’t big enough anymore. So it had to extend out into our living room, which made my mom very unhappy.
Unlike me she wasn’t blessed with long sleep, still isn’t.
So at least once a night she had to cross through my room and the living room until reaching the loo.
Huge fracking railroads were hindering her midnight loo endeavors, and already bridges had to be taken down during the night to allow her safe passage, but the living room should stay train free.

That didn’t stop me from building bigger and bigger tracks. more complicated ones though since they couldn’t leave my room.

I hope my son will like the railroad track, because I still have mine, and it’ll be a hell of a starter set, plus I’d get to play with it again, just like in the olden days…

Good play folks,

This is a blog post, not an advertisment. I got informed that the Thomas the Tank Engine models fit the Brio ones, and the Toys’R’Us tracks and trains match too. I just grew up with Brio originals, and thusly can only talk about these. Back in my day there was no remote controlled engine either. Maybe we’ll one day get one of them. But in that case I want a camera fitted to the front, and film the whole trip 😀

Circle Journal – 3 Succubi (ep 2)

Before he turned to the horse to ride to the nearest village the man once again peeked to the forest with squinted eyes. The threat was far from over, other than repairs on armor and sword he would need other means of fighting.


After the rain of the last days the road into town resembled a mudpit rather tjan a road. At least warming sunrays welcomed him as he arrived at the blacksmiths. Other than the repairs on sword and armor, the horse needed new shoes as well, at least he could leave the horse with the blacksmith that way, while resting at the local inn for the following night.

“Say! Are you not of the brave men who fought at the forest?” the innkeeper greeted him at his entrance. Squinting his eyes he approached her with steady pacing. “I am. My name is Orlon.” his voice had a soothing effect on the otherwise loud woman.

“Then why are you not fighting the evil in the forest?” she was surprised at how calm her voice sounded. Calmly he explained to her the state of his armor and sword, as well as Argho’s demise. “I am sorry to learn of your loss. Could I interest you in a pint?”

Orlon softly shook his head. “A quiet room for the night, a warm meal and I shall be fine.” Mariana nodded to his request, lulled by his voice she led him upstairs to the room the farthest from the entrance and the taproom.

“Dinner is in two hours.” she tweeted as he entered the small room. With a bow he thanked her and closed the door.

Doubting that he’d find sleep in a tavern filled with people he sat down on the bed.

Tuesday 15. Oct .2013

In silence, peeking between two shallow clouds like pale veils in the sky, the marbled white marble spies through the intricately woven canvas of darkened, green and yellow leaf work. Down upon a world turning away beneath it, towards an uncertain future.

Crisp eve’s air tells of winters fast approach with bouquets fallen apart, releasing faint remains of individual scents into the crystal clear night.

Soon, all too soon, coated in fine, thin white, the blades, petals, leaves and fruit and seeds will be as crisp as the air itself. Dying, dead and forgotten, but also nursing and nourishing the spring…

Circle Journal – 3 Succubi (ep 1)

Slowly, almost reluctantly sun rose over the hills, dim light illuminated the edge of the dense forest. Cadavers were strewn out, mostly hideous creatures, centipedes as big as horses, deformed human shaped creatures with horns and scorch marks all over their bodies.

A single man was lying among them a gashing wound in his chest, above him another man kneed, holding his hand. “Rest in peace my dear friend.” the man sighed putting the dead mans hand back on his chest.

He paused before he got up. After an elongated sigh he drew his sword and decapitated his dead friend. Hanging his head in shame and grief he proceeded to move his friends body into the hole he had dug before.

“Sun vanquished thy nightmare”

Again the man paused for a moment after he had finished carving these words into a simple plank. “Sleep Argho.” he smiled faintly. Laden with energy he turned to the forest. His eyes narrowed to mere slits. A feeling from deep within told him that he had a few days rest before the evil would dare tread out of the woods again.

He turned, letting his sight glide over the camp he and Argho had set up two days ago. The tents were torn down, his horse was dead, Argho’s was grazing a few meters away. Glistening reflections of the rising sun in his dented armor told him of his need for a blacksmith. The sword was ragged as well. Sizzling, a few of the corpses around him began to boil as small puddles of goo, others turned to ash right away.

At least there would be no infected wildlife when scavengers discovered the bodies.