Gently the rain drummed on the roof of the hut, curled up against Gyle, Serpentine gazed at the wall. Her beloved had drawn a picture of a weird plant on it, although only with ash and a really obscure plant, she found it not only a wonderfull piece of art but a mesmerizing picture.

“Summer rain, bringing memory of the coming autumn in the distance.” Gyle had sighed when the rain had set in. These words had flung Serpentine into deep thought yet again.

Unwillingly he had reminded her of the fact that soon her loin would urge her to find a mating capable man, inject her venom into him, take his seed into her, watch him die and drink up his liquified body to nurture her offsprings.

Which she would have to lay in a warm location. To her surprise Gyle had never tried to have intercourse with her, all summer long. “Doesn’t help to wait it out.” he sighed kissing gently the top of her head. “I have to check the traps.”

“Mind if I join?” Serpentine did not want to miss him. Nodding with a glad expression Gyle walked towards the door.

They moved across the vast green to the thick forest, Serpentine stopped. She could smell something familiar.

Quickly she dragged him to the underbrush which was a lot closer than the den. Silently the two went into the thick vegetation. “I don’t think we’ll find her here again.” the same two Naga that had pursued Serpentine the year before were searching for her again. Gyle clenched his fists, to his distress he noticed that the two were moving towards the green field. They’ll discover the den, the remnants of the campfire. Their excellent smell would reveal the presence of them close by.

Only after a few moments did he notice the absence of Serpentine.

Again the two Naga were alerted by an unusual sound as the lead Naga turned back on the patg she saw a heavy log hitting her in the face. Her companion felt a sudden sharp sting in her lower backside. Although immune to the deadly effects of Naga poison it’d put another Naga out of fighting conditions.

Half conscious, half all her senses burning in agony the Naga watched Serpentine glide down from a tree. “Foolish child, we came to let you know that we discovered other tribes, you are not the last one!” she pressed out between her teeth, writhing in pain. Serpentine kept a distant cold expression staring down on the Naga.