A gentle twitch deep inside her reminded her of the time of the year. “Wait for me over the next three weeks down in the village. I will give you my brood and then I shall retread again.” the older Naga nodded. In her eyes a glistening of the carnage she wanted to inflict on the young one. But the old one had forbidden such lethal quarrels with fertile young Naga until the number of Naga was restored.

Without another word the young Naga retreated again, worried how she’d make it through mating season without killing the man she loved. On her retreat she silently took Gyles hand, led him back to the den. Although he knew much of the Naga he knew not everything. He did not know why the men had to die when the Naga had mated with them.

Silence had taken a hold of the den, safe for the rain. Gyle held Serpentines hands in his. After she had elaborated the reasons behind the untimely demise of Naga victims he had not said a word, he simply sighed and Serpentine could see he was pondering a many of thoughts at once. Still immersed in thought and silence Gyle got up, pulling Serpentine with him. Again they crossed the green field to the forest.

With a sudden, sharp movement Serpentines stinger drove into the tense muscles, venom streamed out of it, immediately beginning its work. “I hope that this works.” Serpentine cried, her tears flowing down her face indistinguishable from the rain that poured down upon them. Gyles arms slung around her. “It will, it must.” he sighed gently kissing the Naga he fell in love with, and loved still.

“Now, let us do what we both have been waiting for, and what needs to be done.” his lips were forming a smile, his voice comforting as always. Serpentine smiled too, kissing him, her wings wrapped around her beloved.

She shivered from his gentle touch, his kisses. For the first time in her life she felt genuine arousal as he caressed her breasts. In a fluid motion he tore off his shirt, enjoying the rain and Serpentines touch on his bare skin. Their lips met for a passionate, yet loving kiss. Clearly she felt his erection through the cloth of his pants.

Serpentine reached down took it off, unusual for her she stroked him gently, all the while locked in a kiss with Gyle, who had discovered the pouch which hid her vagina. Moaning through her nose, she had never felt as aroused as in that night. With a gentle nod Gyle he laid down into the mud, Serpentine maneuvered herself upon him, she never had felt as much sexual satisfaction with a man before.