I got contacted by an old friend today. It wasn’t about something desperate or really severe, just bland, good, old life. Some chit chat and nostalgic feelings, wanting to meet and catch up.

Now, I live in terror.

Having grown up with Star Trek the original series, MacGyver and Little House, I can’t otherwise! If James T. Kirk, Angus MacGyver or Charles Ingalls and his family, bump into an old friend of theirs – shit hits the fan.
For said friend!
I don’t wish my old friend to be befallen by any ill luck, but I don’t want to be the old friend either…

We all, each and everyone of us, are the protagonists in an individual, life long story. So I AM the old friend! I just hope my old friend isn’t in the least bit like Captain Kirk, MacGyver or Ingalls.

Just to be on the safe side though, I’ll avoid wearing red shirts in the near future…