It was early morning, the clouds pouring rain over the land for a few days had moved on, early sunshine told tales of a warm summers day. The two Naga stood in the center of the former village, water levels of the lake and river had risen due to several days of rain. From the path that led to the mill and consequently to the green field they saw Serpentine enter the Village. She carried a basket, lined on the inside with leather as to keep water in for the eggs. Silently she handed the basket to her fellow Naga. “He was a fine man that sorcerer of yours. But we can’t deny our true nature.” the lead Naga tried to comfort her. Wordless Serpentine looked to the path, Gyle stood there, resting against a wanderers staff. “They are his.” Serpentine nodded towards the eggs.

Striken by surprise the two Naga stared shockers at Gyle. In their eyes his magical powers had just revealed a divine strength, since he survived a Nagas sting.

Serpentine grinned as the two retreated hastily in a frightened manner. “The deer worked, I presume?” Gyle had walked up to her. “Perfectly, my love.” she turned to him. “They’re afraid of you now. What will we do now?”

Gyle smirked. “Why don’t we live here? We could try to make the den winter ready, grow crops up there next year.” Smirking like him Serpentine wrapped her arms and wings around him, now understanding why he had plowed a part of the green field thr last weeks.

The birds sang joyfully in the trees of the near forest. Gyle and Serpentine were lying in the garden in front of the den. Gyle didn’t know where the thought he was following had come from, but an amused smile appeared on his lips. “The midwife that helped bring me into this world, foretold a prophecy, that my sons one day would safe their people.” A long day full of hard work was behind the two, they enjoyed the last sunny hours of that spring day.

Serpentine sighed, gently touching his cheek. “I’m afraid you will only have daughters with a Naga.”

“Young one.” Serpentine and Gyle immediately sprang to their feet. Out of the long shadow the den cast on the field behind it, the two Naga and the old one slithered towards the two. “I gave you my brood, what more do you want of me?” in replying to Serpentine the old one smirked. “We discovered a tribe of Naga, young fertile Naga who are doing an excellent job in repopulating our kind. They unserstand the importance and stay at the cove voluntarily.”

Serpentine and Gyle clinched fists, the words the old one spoke were accusing Serpentine of disloyalty towards her kind, when all she wanted is mere freedom. “But I have not sought you and your sorcerer out to put blame on you. On the contrary.” she sighed. “You gave us four eggs.” only now Gyle and Serpentine realized that the two Naga that had hunted them before were carrying four bundles. Without saying as much as a word the lead Naga simply slithered closer handingone bundle over tho Serpentine. The peaceful face of sleeping infant Naga stuck out of the wraps. “And? She’s sleeping.”

“Open the wraps.” the old one said in a slightly challenging tone. Puzzled Serpentine did as she was told, Gyle stood next to her looking at his Naga child. Gasping in surprise Serpentine dropped the cloth of the wraps, only to cover her mouth with her hands, her eyes fixed at the infant. Gyle gently smiled picking the Naga child up, cuddling it. “It’s a boy.” his voice was calm, yet filled with surprise and joy.

“They all are.” the old one revealed to the couple that was cuddling their waking son.