Slowly, almost reluctantly sun rose over the hills, dim light illuminated the edge of the dense forest. Cadavers were strewn out, mostly hideous creatures, centipedes as big as horses, deformed human shaped creatures with horns and scorch marks all over their bodies.

A single man was lying among them a gashing wound in his chest, above him another man kneed, holding his hand. “Rest in peace my dear friend.” the man sighed putting the dead mans hand back on his chest.

He paused before he got up. After an elongated sigh he drew his sword and decapitated his dead friend. Hanging his head in shame and grief he proceeded to move his friends body into the hole he had dug before.

“Sun vanquished thy nightmare”

Again the man paused for a moment after he had finished carving these words into a simple plank. “Sleep Argho.” he smiled faintly. Laden with energy he turned to the forest. His eyes narrowed to mere slits. A feeling from deep within told him that he had a few days rest before the evil would dare tread out of the woods again.

He turned, letting his sight glide over the camp he and Argho had set up two days ago. The tents were torn down, his horse was dead, Argho’s was grazing a few meters away. Glistening reflections of the rising sun in his dented armor told him of his need for a blacksmith. The sword was ragged as well. Sizzling, a few of the corpses around him began to boil as small puddles of goo, others turned to ash right away.

At least there would be no infected wildlife when scavengers discovered the bodies.