Before he turned to the horse to ride to the nearest village the man once again peeked to the forest with squinted eyes. The threat was far from over, other than repairs on armor and sword he would need other means of fighting.


After the rain of the last days the road into town resembled a mudpit rather tjan a road. At least warming sunrays welcomed him as he arrived at the blacksmiths. Other than the repairs on sword and armor, the horse needed new shoes as well, at least he could leave the horse with the blacksmith that way, while resting at the local inn for the following night.

“Say! Are you not of the brave men who fought at the forest?” the innkeeper greeted him at his entrance. Squinting his eyes he approached her with steady pacing. “I am. My name is Orlon.” his voice had a soothing effect on the otherwise loud woman.

“Then why are you not fighting the evil in the forest?” she was surprised at how calm her voice sounded. Calmly he explained to her the state of his armor and sword, as well as Argho’s demise. “I am sorry to learn of your loss. Could I interest you in a pint?”

Orlon softly shook his head. “A quiet room for the night, a warm meal and I shall be fine.” Mariana nodded to his request, lulled by his voice she led him upstairs to the room the farthest from the entrance and the taproom.

“Dinner is in two hours.” she tweeted as he entered the small room. With a bow he thanked her and closed the door.

Doubting that he’d find sleep in a tavern filled with people he sat down on the bed.