From a few steps away, catering to the needs of her other guests Mariana watched Orlon eating. She noticed that from time to time he rubbed his temples, looking around in a worrisome manner.

On numerous occasions did she want to rush to him and ask whether everything was alright with the food. She was prepared to send her loyal guests away if they annoyed him. Or to serve him dinner in his room.

Knowing her guests and her sister in law watching her she refrained from doing so. It took her some time to realize but the bar maiden she had hired was also quite interested in Orlon, eventhough he did not encourage her, she kept returning to his table asking whether he needed something. When Mariana asked she answered that she merely wanted to hear Orlons voice.

The soothing sound of his voice that was giving her and Mariana the feeking that they were embraced by something that gave them warming comfort, but at the same time was rough. It aroused both of them just to think of his voice.