Orlon sat on his bed, both the landlady and the barmaid had not left him alone for several hours, since the naging feeling had not left him either he had retreated to the comforting quiet of the room . The noise from the taproom was faint, faded over the course of several hours, until it was quiet all through the house.

Disturbed by the increase in the nagging feeling he wandered around the room. A look outside the window revealed a shallow overcast that even the moon could shine through, other than that the small town was quiet.

The hysterical screams of a girl alarmed him. From his boots he had pulled a knife, a dagger from the rest of his luggage. A young naked woman sat in the hall across an open door. Warm flixkering lamplight poured out of it onto the wooden planks and the pale walls of the house. Mariana came running in her full attire from the taproom, another woman, whom she would introduce as her sister in law later, as well.

Worried Mariana kneed down to the naked woman. “What is it?” Orlon meanwhile looked into the room. The sheets on the bed were twisted around in a passionate manner. A man was lying on the bed, barely recognizable as a man. He was dry husk, except his erection. Immediately he turned to the naked woman, without a word he grabbed her hand and pricked her palm with the knife. She screamed out in pain, red drops of blood fell to the ground. “She’s fine.” he stated, turning away again, realizing in that moment that his companion was dead. Instead Mariana and her sister in law looked at him with an expression of disbelief. “Lady Mariana, you have a Succubus in this house, I had to ensure it ain’t this woman.”

“Of course she’s not a Succubus! She’s working for me!” Mariana tended to the woman, it took a moment for her to realize the implications of Orlons words. All color vanished from her face before she stood up facing Orlon. “A Succubus you say?” her voice thinned. Rustling noises from the attic drew the attention of Orlon and her.

In close pursuit of her guest Mariana directed him to the ladder leading up. She and her sister in law lived there, above tge taproom, above the guest rooms there was nothing other than empty room and cobwebs.

Orlon treaded with care, the old planks were prone to make noise. “You can come out, there is nothing to fear.” Mariana felt as if she had to throw herself around his neck after Orlon had spoken. She was attracted to his voice anyways but in that moment the vibrant tone of his voice resonated deep within her soul. As she wanted to pkunge to the open door of the attic another voice made her blood run cold.

“How come you don’t fear me? More important yet, how can you make me want to reveal myself to you?” a woman stepped into diffuse moonlight that shone through a smeary window in the roof.