In this little tale I am the idiot.

A few years back I wanted a new printer, but Mr. Fancypants couldn’t take an ordinary one. No, I wanted a laser printer!

Let me tell you my reasons: if you’re printing in large quantities it’s cheaper per page than ink. And if you are like me and you forget you have a printer until rediscovering it during spring cleaning a year later, you just fire that bitch up and print!

When an ink cartridge nighs it’s end, you get fading colors, and finally, death. When a toner cartridge nighs it’s end, you get fading colors, then you shake that son-of-a, put it back in, voila: five to ten more pages. Repeat from shaking.

Of course, there comes the day the shaking has no effect anymore. That is the day you realize that you are fucked!

My wife looked it up. 57€!
I ain’t got that. Or rather I could liquify that, but won’t!

Now the ink lovers will yell “Oha! We can refill our cartridges!!!” To which I say, yes, but it won’t last as long and once that shit dried up, you can’t refill squat!

In all honesty, if you are a private person like me, take both printers, and put them on a table. On thatsame table you put the fax machine and the video-cellphone from last week, and you set that table up in a gravel pit, now, leave.

Once at a safe distance, or better yet inside a shelter, detonate the explosives that you put in place of cartridges, paper and the battery of the video-cellphone.
That’s how you solve the printer question. And all other questions too. Seriosly folks, if you need to print something, print it at work, or go to a copyshop. And for frak’s sake, get photos developed, not printed!