Even in that dim lighting her red skin was showing on her naked body, around her shoulders two large leathery wings were folded, giving almost the impression of a leathercoat hanging on her shoulders. “I have slain many of your kin, and many even more frightening creatures spat out by hell.” the Succubus inched away from Orlon a little. His voice had a calming effect even though he had just spoken of death, her own implied. “I can feel you.” she whispered. Mariana noticed an equally soothing tone in the voice of the Succubus, still she dared not peek through the open door, she remained petrified pressed against the wall out side the attic. “You’re a Cambion!” the Succubus hissed, still attempting to inch away from Orlon.

“I am but the man I choose to be. My mothers heritage does not influence me.” Orlon inched closer to the Succubus as she inched away. “You have killed tonight. I shall be judge and executioner for you.”

Thundering the piles of old furniture in the attic around the Succubus collapsed as shw spread her wings in an attempt to strike out at Orlon. In the same moment she felt his dagger in her heart, as he had ducked below her wings and charged towards her. “May you find the punishment you deserve.” he pushed her away from himself.

Eyes widened in shock she stumbled away from him, the old wooden panels of the attic gave away under the sudden pressure, the Succubus broke through the wall and fell into the muddy ground outside.

Calmly Orlon stepped towards the hole in the wall, he noticed that the demon was still moving, but close to her death. “Is it true?” Mariana stood in the empty doorframe. “You’re a Cambion? You came of them?”

Slowly Orlon turned around to her, he put his knife back to its sheath in his boot, black blood was dripping from his dagger. “Yes, it is.” still his voice had the calming effect on her, although he revealed to be not entirely human. “Are you also having a brothel?” he stepped closer. Gently Mariana nodded, as the area got more and more dangerous, guests had stayed away from the Inn, except townspeople. The brothel was a last resort to make some profit, at least enough to not go bankrupt.