“What shall we do with Leroy Perkins now?” Mariana and Orlon stood at the foot of the bed in which the Succubus had attacked its last victim. “Won’t he turn into some creature of hell?”

Orlon shook his head, he had put away his dagger. “That only happens with Vampire victims.” he mumbled absent minded. The presence of the Succubus had larger implications than Mariana could comprehend without further explanation, to her it was one demon running around. To Orlon it meant that she and probably an entire group had made it out of the forest.

“If you’ll excuse me, I have to prepare my departure.” he retreated from the room. Sunrise was some hours away, yet he already heard the blacksmith heating up the furnace. Armor and sword would take at least the day to repair, time Orlon couldn’t waste. He’d pay the blacksmith and leave with the dagger and knife on his horse within the hour. “What will become of the slain demon outside my house? We can’t leave it there!” Orlon got up, scratching his head for a moment. “Your local priest has to bury it.”

Mariana sighed as she entered the room and sat down on the bed next to Orlons belongings, which was sorting at that moment. “He died last week, a courier was sent to the bishop informing him, but right now the church is unattended.”

With a long sigh Orlon turned to her. “As long as you bury her in sacred soil, as the local cemetery, there should be no danger coming from her carcass! She won’t rise from the dead anyways, but might secrete toxins into your soil.” he explained and calmed down her immediate conclusions at the same time. Before she could voice her next thoughts concerning the Succubus he offered to bring her to the church yard himself, since the locals might have a problem transporting a Succubus.

They would bury a sealed coffin, without ever learning of its content.