“Where will you go, if I may ask?” Mariana looked at the luggage he left her to guard. “Cliffton Abbey.” was his short breathed reply. Although she had learned of his secret, and his words had gotten a harsh tone, he still could’ve talked her into anything.

Not much later did she catch herself staring out the widow with the barmaid and the prostitute, watching him ride away.


In monotone, oversaturated green and brown colors did the landscape fly by, only intersected by a few swollen rivers and the sky between mountains and hills. The sky presented itself in various shades of blue and grey, as the damp weather didn’t seem to pass entirely. At first Otlon had krpt a quick pace but doon had slowed his horse to keep it from exhausting. Traveling always was Orlons favorite psrt of life, even when Argho was still alive the two seldomly spoke when traveling, whether it was on foot or by horse, on roads or the wilderness.

Quietly listening to nature, observing the world around him with all his senses, enjoying the beauty of it all, gave Orlon more satisfaction than any conversation ever could. He didn’t know whether it was a personality trait, or his conflicting heritage that made him sensitive to natures beauty, but Argho seemed to be enjoying himself too in those quiet hours and days.

Other sounds than his horse’s reached his ears. A cart that moved through the landscape, pans banged against one another, as well as the squeaking noise of a lantern that was mounted on the cart. By the sound of the hooves in the soft wet soil Orlon estimated that it was pulled an oxen.

To his annoyance there also was a nagging feeling of a Succubus close by appearing in his mind, overshadowed only by soft song. A young woman sang about old heroes of folklore and how those came to be. After a few minutes the cart came into vision.

Both he and the hooded figure on the cart stopped a few meters from one another. “I bid you a fair day!” he yelled over, noticing leather gloves holding the wrings, the face was completely covered by the hood. “As I bid you!” came the shy voice of a young woman from underneath the hood. “You should hurry on homeward or wherever you are going, these parts are not the safest place in the world!” Orlon was deeply disturbed by the presence he felt, but could not see yet, the high standing vegetation around the road blocked his view. “I think I will be fine.” hood woman replied, “However, I sense you should be going.”

Orlon drew his dagger after he jumped from the back of his horse. “I urge you to show yourself to me!” he used his voice intentionally on the woman, mostly he had no control over it, but sometimes he could use it on command.

A small explosion ripped apart the soil at his feet, as he looked up again the hood was lying empty on the cart, a young Succubus stood next to it, a mage staff in her gloved hands. He was surprised to see her wearing leather pants and a small, revealin, chainmail vest. “You will be doing fine as well I see.” she purred. The staff had split open on its topside, a small golden lightning bolt jumped between the three tips. Suddenly it closed, she threw it back on the cart. “You must be of the people guarding the forest, a Cambion.” Orlon was uncertain whether he should attack or not. She was unlike any Succubus he had ever encountered before. “If you are I have a request,” she continued inching slowly towards him. “please, kill me.” she tore the chainmail vest over her head, revealing her bare breasts and weakspot.