Orlon lost the tension he had built up anticipating a battle, he stared at her with a confused expression around his eyes, studying her eyes with deep seated pain shining out of them. “You want me to kill you?”

Softly the Succubus nodded, she had her eyes closed, awaiting a blade piercing her heart at any moment. “May I inquire why?”

Releasing an elongated sigh she let her shoulders sink, the wings on her back touched the ground. “I am a disgrace to the Succubi and since I am a god fearing woman ever since I was cast out I can not kill myself.” her look seemed to beg for his blade to invade her flesh.

Orlon put his dagger back in its sheath. “I implore you to tell me more of yourself.” his voice was still mesmerizing to her, but it was again out of his control. Feeling a little cold she put both the chainmail vest and the cloak back on. “I was removed from the sisterhood when I did not find it in me to kill an innocent man. Since my father was a Cambion and my mother a Succubus they deemed me too much of a human to stay with them.” she pulled the cloak tighter around herself. “The demonic blood in my veins does not burn, hence the clothing. I probably couldn’t kill a man like a Succubus even if I wanted.” Orlon stood next to her cart the two had moved off the road and he listened to her talking. The burning of the demonic blood, he knew more about that topic than he liked. In the heat of battle it sometimes became overwhelming. Turning him into a berserk, let loose on the hell brood he fought, but a danger for allies too close to him as well.

“Still, you can do magic, I can’t.” he tried to raise a positive point. “My companion was an armed mage, meaning he swung sword and staff, he was human. When he lived there was no problem to get a charm spoken, a gem enchanted or a spell cast. Now I have to travel to Cliffton Abby.”

Julia looked at him from the corner of her eyes. Questions about the Cambion next to her spooked through her mind. How did he grow up? How did he find out about his heritage? Julia was uncertain how to cope with her own existence, she longed to know how he could cope with it. “How?” she turned her head to him.

“How, what?” he used his voice with intent, piercing her eyes with his look. “Everything about you, how was your upbringing? How do you cope with what you are?” she took.a breath to continue, but was interrupted when Orlon raised his hand. “I grew up in the Abbey, there was an orphanage there, I found out about myself when I was an adolescent, and I cope by killing off the hellspawn infesting this earth.” his look became apologetic, Julia nodded with a kind smile.