Worried both of them looked up into the sky after thunder had roared over their heads. With a wave of her hand Julia invited Orlon in, she had a small stove in the cart, after a few moments a small fire was lit and she sat at the stove, while Orlon looked around in surprise. “Where did you get the gypsy cart?” he finally paused long enough to ask.

“I’m twenty-four years old, I was cast out a decade ago, after that a gypsy named Andrea had found me, starving snd freezing near a chapel. The chapel of Saint Juliet, hence my name, she made me a god fearing woman. A righteous one, one that can’t kill herself.” Julia sighed, looking at the flames in the stove. “When she died I inherited the cart, traveling the land showed me how much I deserve to die, I shouldn’t be walking the earth!” her look got painful again.

“Your being on earth is the sameas mine. Why don’t I bring you to the Abbey? The abot is a kind man, there is a nunery near the Abbey, perhaps they’ll have you, and show you a new purpose in life?” Orlon peeked out of the cart, his nose had not betrayed him, in a slow motion he reached for his horses wrings and fixed them to the end of the cart. Julia watched him with a mix of amazement and surprise, with a gentle nod to her he crossed the cart to the front, reched for the oxens wrings, gently releases the breaks. “If you can fight, prepare to.” he said in a gentle, casual tone. Still surprised, she grabbed her staff. The cart started moving upon Orlons command, Julia looked out the rear end of the cart over the horse following it. Creatures with green skin crawled through the tall grass, they borw distant similarities to locusts. Neither she nor Orlon were in danger, but the horse and the ox. From the tip of her staff a few bolts of orange lightning shot to the creatures, injuring a few of them. Orlon wanted to protest, but observed Julias strategy, as the other creatures started preying on the injured ones.

A slightly satisfied smile sppeared on Julias lips. “These creatures,” Orlon grumbled, keeping his eyes on the road, “are the swarm. There are so many we can’t kill them all when they appear.” next to him Julia came out of the cart, she sat down and pulled the cloak tight around herself, hid her face under the hood in case they met anyone.

“Why are so many creatures spawning from the hellfires these days? I hear my sisters are on the march too?” With an elongated sigh he handed her the wrings, he preferred the silence he had enjoyed, he missed it already. “Rumor has it the Sphinxes are returning.” he waited for her reaction but couldn’t read it under her hood. Since there was no verbal reaction after some time he went on to elaborate: “Their presence is driving out the lesser evils, the swarm, the vampires, the succubi and incubi and other demonic brood.” he grumbled, tightening his grip on the daggers handle. “You must think of me as the most ignorant person in all of existence, but I haven’t heard of the Sphinxes at all.” he noticed movement under the hood, she undoubtedly was looking at him. “Once they were capable of both good and evil. Until they were banished, now that they wish to return, consider them malevolent.” he summarised what was known about the Sphinxes in a few short words.

The following hours went by in silence, much to Orlons pleasant surprise.