“Are you not afraid?” Julias voice cut through the silence of the early night, the two had stopped the cart and set camp. “Of?” he replied staring across the flames into her sad face. “That you are more Incubus than man.” she replied without looking away from the flames.

“I may have the voice of an Incubus, but I have the soul of man.” his voice was monotone, he recalled why he made the campfire. His old friend Argho was human, there was no demonic fire burning in his veins like in Orlons. The crackling fire was reminding him of the fact his childhood friend was now dead.

“I shall rest.” she sighed retreating into the cart. Orlon did not react he kept staring into the flames. “Sentimental humbug.” he threw a twig into the fire, before laying down a few meters away. “Are you asleep yet?” Julia popped her head out of the cart, Orlon sat up without uttering a single syllable. “You did not answer my question.” she sat down up on the rear end of the cart, she wore a linen nightgown, her wings conveniently drawn around her shoulder to look like a bathrobe. “Yes, I am sometimes afraid.” he sighed lying back on the ground, his eyes fixed on the cloudless patches in the sky. “My good old friend Argho always dreamed of a family of his own. I didn’t. But he included me as an uncle for his imaginary kids.” Julia got up and came closer, all so silently he didn’t take notice. “Now that he is dead, his imaginary family is dead, my role as imaginary uncle, is also dead.” as quietly as she had moved towards him she sat down next to him, listening ever so carefully. “I must admit, I liked the idea of being part of a family, it somehow gave me a goal in life. If I am more Incubus than man however, I will never be part of a family.” Orlon was surprised to find Julia sitting next to himself, but hid his surprise well. For a short moment the two stared at each others eyes.

Julia smiled gently as she nodded and got back up. She wished him a pleasant night before retreating back into the cart.

Puzzled at her own ideas she sat awake on the bunk that was next to her stove.