As silent as they had spent the afternoon before, they continued onward into the mountains towards Cliffton Abbey. Orlon did welcome the silence, the conversation he had with Julia the night before was still confusing him a little. After a few hours the Succubi began to sing.

Her singing voice held every bit of the enthralling, siren fascination that Succubi were attributed. Apparently she had the Succubus voice, but only when singing. It took Orlon some time to realize that she was singing the same sobg she had sung when he first met her. “You do realise, that you have the Succubus voice when you sing?”

Immediately Julia stopped singing, silently she handed him the Oxens wrings and went inside. After a few moments of awkward silence she returned with her staff. “Please, forgive my error. I tend to forget that fact.” her voice sounded irritated, she barely enjoyed company since her mentor the gypsy had passed away, she hadn’t had male company at all for long periods of time. She let Orlon keep the wrings, kept the staff clutched between her hands.

To himself Orlon had to admit that the constant close distance to Julia was irritating his sense concerning other Succubi or Incubi. Since the wind seemed to follow them he couldn’t rely on his nose when it came to dangers along the path. “I have traveled this road some time back, around the same time of the year. There were packs of hungry wolves coming out of the woods.” Julia explained her ready staff. “It has been some time that I have been in this neck of the woods.” Orlon admitted, giving the Oxen reason to speed up. Worry about his horse rose in his thoughts. It was still trodding along tied to the carts rear.

Simultaneously the two looked up the path that was winding uphill before them, they both felt and smelled something worse than wolves up ahead. Still being relatively low on a plain they shifted to their former traveling arrangements, Orlon rode ahead, closely followed by Julia.

“I was told this is called blood forest.” Julia shivered, more of the creeping icy fog that drifted across the road. “Mostly for the wolves, but it is said an ancient ruin lies in these woods that no one should dare enter.”

With a wink of his hand Orlon dismissed Julias story as humbug. Stories local folks had been telling for decades on end, mostly because of the wolves, so that no one would venture into the woods.

He knew that there were ruins in the forest, but they were as dangerous as all other ruins, haunted or not. Deep in thought he was shocked as a fiery bolt shot by him, detonating the ground at the paws of a wolf, which immediately ran off with loud noise, hopefully telling the others to withdraw as well. With a tiny clicking sound the tip of Julias staff closed. “Perhaps we should worry about the wolves more than about the ruins.” Julia stated dryly, her expression was tense, uncertain what Orlon might be thinking, his silent demeanor was riddling.