As the sound of paws on the soft soil around the road vanished more and more the heavy weighing feeling of another presence grew stronger in both their minds. “I owe you an apology.” Orlon turned around to his travel companion. “I suppose your story about the ruins and their deadly inhabitants was at least partially true.” feeling validated Julia smiled. A milky blue light smeared to their right along the road. Amazed the two watched while they slowed their ascend. “There actually is a barrier around the forest.” Julia sighed with a hint of relief as the two watched. Agreeing Orlon nodded, he just hoped that the barrier encompassed the entire forest, not just a tiny section.

Continuing on in a slow pace Julia kept a close eye on the display of a presence beyond the barrier, her staff ready to degend herself and Orlon as well at any sign of the barrier ending or breaking.

At nightfall they stopped on a reverse, they would make camp for the night on that reverse, with a wounding road in the mountains they ran the risk of running off the road, slipping on the other side of the barrier protecting them.

“If memory serves there ought to be a forke in the road half a days journey up ahead, the left leading to Clifton village and further to the coast, the right to the Abbey.” Orlon seemed contempt with the progress they had made. Had he travelled alone he might have regretted his decision not to wait for his armor and sword to be repaired. It was astonishing the Incubus he actually was glad to have met Julia. And even more that he enjoyed her company.

With a frozen smile Julia glanced across the fire, she enjoyed his company too, but also was still in doubt about herself. Would the nuns he had mentioned to her, really take one of her kind in? “We should get ready for bed then.” Julia still held on to the frozen smile as she got up and turned to the cart. The flashes of milky light at the barrier intensified as she had turned towards them.

Julias eyes narrowed, she stared at the barrier out of these slits. Gasping she opened her eyes wide, stumbling back, almost into the fire.

“What’s troubling you?” Orlon also stared at the barrier, but was not shocked by the milky flashes. “Nothing.” she stuttered under uneasy breath. “We should really go to sleep.” she marched straight away, entering her cart without looking to Orlon or the barrier.

Inside Julia sat down near the entrance and listened for Orlon to go to sleep.