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Circle Journal – 3 Succubi (ep 9)

“Where will you go, if I may ask?” Mariana looked at the luggage he left her to guard. “Cliffton Abbey.” was his short breathed reply. Although she had learned of his secret, and his words had gotten a harsh tone, he still could’ve talked her into anything.

Not much later did she catch herself staring out the widow with the barmaid and the prostitute, watching him ride away.


In monotone, oversaturated green and brown colors did the landscape fly by, only intersected by a few swollen rivers and the sky between mountains and hills. The sky presented itself in various shades of blue and grey, as the damp weather didn’t seem to pass entirely. At first Otlon had krpt a quick pace but doon had slowed his horse to keep it from exhausting. Traveling always was Orlons favorite psrt of life, even when Argho was still alive the two seldomly spoke when traveling, whether it was on foot or by horse, on roads or the wilderness.

Quietly listening to nature, observing the world around him with all his senses, enjoying the beauty of it all, gave Orlon more satisfaction than any conversation ever could. He didn’t know whether it was a personality trait, or his conflicting heritage that made him sensitive to natures beauty, but Argho seemed to be enjoying himself too in those quiet hours and days.

Other sounds than his horse’s reached his ears. A cart that moved through the landscape, pans banged against one another, as well as the squeaking noise of a lantern that was mounted on the cart. By the sound of the hooves in the soft wet soil Orlon estimated that it was pulled an oxen.

To his annoyance there also was a nagging feeling of a Succubus close by appearing in his mind, overshadowed only by soft song. A young woman sang about old heroes of folklore and how those came to be. After a few minutes the cart came into vision.

Both he and the hooded figure on the cart stopped a few meters from one another. “I bid you a fair day!” he yelled over, noticing leather gloves holding the wrings, the face was completely covered by the hood. “As I bid you!” came the shy voice of a young woman from underneath the hood. “You should hurry on homeward or wherever you are going, these parts are not the safest place in the world!” Orlon was deeply disturbed by the presence he felt, but could not see yet, the high standing vegetation around the road blocked his view. “I think I will be fine.” hood woman replied, “However, I sense you should be going.”

Orlon drew his dagger after he jumped from the back of his horse. “I urge you to show yourself to me!” he used his voice intentionally on the woman, mostly he had no control over it, but sometimes he could use it on command.

A small explosion ripped apart the soil at his feet, as he looked up again the hood was lying empty on the cart, a young Succubus stood next to it, a mage staff in her gloved hands. He was surprised to see her wearing leather pants and a small, revealin, chainmail vest. “You will be doing fine as well I see.” she purred. The staff had split open on its topside, a small golden lightning bolt jumped between the three tips. Suddenly it closed, she threw it back on the cart. “You must be of the people guarding the forest, a Cambion.” Orlon was uncertain whether he should attack or not. She was unlike any Succubus he had ever encountered before. “If you are I have a request,” she continued inching slowly towards him. “please, kill me.” she tore the chainmail vest over her head, revealing her bare breasts and weakspot.

Aliens dying…

I want a really good Alien invasion movie. One in which we (the humans) have to overcome our differences and figure out a way to repell the aliens, to fight them or something.

Not like we have had in recent years:

Independence Day – Binary, terrestial computer with limited wireless technology can all of a sudden transmit a deadly virus to an unknown, super sophisticated alien computer…NO!
No this shit doesn’t happen, if you want virtual warfare, just ask your secret agencies, it requires dozens of hackers and hours of work, and thousands of computers.
Not one laptop and one schmuck!
Frack this shit.

War of the Worlds – Both the original and the remake with Mighty Mouse, the Aliens come here, after depositing their pods in the ground thousands of years ago (magically knowing where we’d settle our biggest cities; Fuck continental drift, and other desaster striking and burying the pods under hundreds of meters of ocean or rubble…), they return, “beam” down and start attacking.  Without analysing the atmosphere for any pathagens first, so they die horribly at the hands of some bacteria…WHAT??? Shit like this happens to a small strike force, to a group of five specialists that scout the land. A landing party if you will. But not an invasion army!!
Not even if we humans were the aliens invading another world. NO! This is stupid.

Signs – Although the planet consists only of 0.02% of water, the surface of it is coverd to 67% by this shit that KILLS THEM INSTANTLY! They are killed by fucking water! If I came to a planet and two thirds are covered with sulfiric acid, I turn and leave. No fucking around with the natives, no invasions, no nothing. Just going “Whoopsie!” turning around and leaving.

So please Hollywood, please dear fellow writers – give me something  original to enjoy. But not stupid shit like this.

Please, spare me with V. I know the plot, I saw the original series. Ugh…

Circle Journal – 3 Succubi (ep 8)

“What shall we do with Leroy Perkins now?” Mariana and Orlon stood at the foot of the bed in which the Succubus had attacked its last victim. “Won’t he turn into some creature of hell?”

Orlon shook his head, he had put away his dagger. “That only happens with Vampire victims.” he mumbled absent minded. The presence of the Succubus had larger implications than Mariana could comprehend without further explanation, to her it was one demon running around. To Orlon it meant that she and probably an entire group had made it out of the forest.

“If you’ll excuse me, I have to prepare my departure.” he retreated from the room. Sunrise was some hours away, yet he already heard the blacksmith heating up the furnace. Armor and sword would take at least the day to repair, time Orlon couldn’t waste. He’d pay the blacksmith and leave with the dagger and knife on his horse within the hour. “What will become of the slain demon outside my house? We can’t leave it there!” Orlon got up, scratching his head for a moment. “Your local priest has to bury it.”

Mariana sighed as she entered the room and sat down on the bed next to Orlons belongings, which was sorting at that moment. “He died last week, a courier was sent to the bishop informing him, but right now the church is unattended.”

With a long sigh Orlon turned to her. “As long as you bury her in sacred soil, as the local cemetery, there should be no danger coming from her carcass! She won’t rise from the dead anyways, but might secrete toxins into your soil.” he explained and calmed down her immediate conclusions at the same time. Before she could voice her next thoughts concerning the Succubus he offered to bring her to the church yard himself, since the locals might have a problem transporting a Succubus.

They would bury a sealed coffin, without ever learning of its content.

I wanted

to write Rings of Fate by now. Still I’m struggling with the end chapter(s) to Whose World. O.o

While I’m writing a post titled “I wanted”, let me just say, that I wanted to thank all of you my dear readers. Thank you for every single one of your “Likes”. But even if you never liked anything per click, thank you for reading my stuff.

Although I get happy as a child on Christmas everytime one of you likes a post of mine (no matter if it is here or on one of the plattforms I publicize to), it gives me great satisfaction to see your visits. To see that someone is actually reading my posts. Stories, and (comedic)blurps alike. So…

Thank you!

Anyway, my attention is diverted between Family life (wich is wonderfull, but stressing, ask my poor wife), work and writing, and also observing the world with a critical eye and posting that stuff here. 😉

Have a nice time my dear readers.


Circle Journal – 3 Succubi (ep 7)

Even in that dim lighting her red skin was showing on her naked body, around her shoulders two large leathery wings were folded, giving almost the impression of a leathercoat hanging on her shoulders. “I have slain many of your kin, and many even more frightening creatures spat out by hell.” the Succubus inched away from Orlon a little. His voice had a calming effect even though he had just spoken of death, her own implied. “I can feel you.” she whispered. Mariana noticed an equally soothing tone in the voice of the Succubus, still she dared not peek through the open door, she remained petrified pressed against the wall out side the attic. “You’re a Cambion!” the Succubus hissed, still attempting to inch away from Orlon.

“I am but the man I choose to be. My mothers heritage does not influence me.” Orlon inched closer to the Succubus as she inched away. “You have killed tonight. I shall be judge and executioner for you.”

Thundering the piles of old furniture in the attic around the Succubus collapsed as shw spread her wings in an attempt to strike out at Orlon. In the same moment she felt his dagger in her heart, as he had ducked below her wings and charged towards her. “May you find the punishment you deserve.” he pushed her away from himself.

Eyes widened in shock she stumbled away from him, the old wooden panels of the attic gave away under the sudden pressure, the Succubus broke through the wall and fell into the muddy ground outside.

Calmly Orlon stepped towards the hole in the wall, he noticed that the demon was still moving, but close to her death. “Is it true?” Mariana stood in the empty doorframe. “You’re a Cambion? You came of them?”

Slowly Orlon turned around to her, he put his knife back to its sheath in his boot, black blood was dripping from his dagger. “Yes, it is.” still his voice had the calming effect on her, although he revealed to be not entirely human. “Are you also having a brothel?” he stepped closer. Gently Mariana nodded, as the area got more and more dangerous, guests had stayed away from the Inn, except townspeople. The brothel was a last resort to make some profit, at least enough to not go bankrupt.

The idiot and the printer

In this little tale I am the idiot.

A few years back I wanted a new printer, but Mr. Fancypants couldn’t take an ordinary one. No, I wanted a laser printer!

Let me tell you my reasons: if you’re printing in large quantities it’s cheaper per page than ink. And if you are like me and you forget you have a printer until rediscovering it during spring cleaning a year later, you just fire that bitch up and print!

When an ink cartridge nighs it’s end, you get fading colors, and finally, death. When a toner cartridge nighs it’s end, you get fading colors, then you shake that son-of-a, put it back in, voila: five to ten more pages. Repeat from shaking.

Of course, there comes the day the shaking has no effect anymore. That is the day you realize that you are fucked!

My wife looked it up. 57€!
I ain’t got that. Or rather I could liquify that, but won’t!

Now the ink lovers will yell “Oha! We can refill our cartridges!!!” To which I say, yes, but it won’t last as long and once that shit dried up, you can’t refill squat!

In all honesty, if you are a private person like me, take both printers, and put them on a table. On thatsame table you put the fax machine and the video-cellphone from last week, and you set that table up in a gravel pit, now, leave.

Once at a safe distance, or better yet inside a shelter, detonate the explosives that you put in place of cartridges, paper and the battery of the video-cellphone.
That’s how you solve the printer question. And all other questions too. Seriosly folks, if you need to print something, print it at work, or go to a copyshop. And for frak’s sake, get photos developed, not printed!