After about an hour she heard him snore, all the while she had cried. Julia climbed out of the cart, her entire body was shaking, her hands trembled as she covered her face to conceal her sobs. As quietly as she could she sneaked towards the barrier.

The milky lightning came closer to her, it shot to her left and right at the barrier, a face pressed out of he barrier, it had a twin horn on its chin, and small antlers, all in themilky glow of the barrier.

“Hello.” she whispered to the face in the barrier. When it had first shown itself to her for a moment, it had called out her name into her thoughts. “Who are you?” her voice was on the verge of breaking.

“That pitiful excuse of a Cambion you call father, was the progeny of my progeny.” the voice was just the thundering echo produced by the barrier, as the lips scratched against it. “I had hoped his coupling with that mother of yours would usher in a new power that would empower me to enslave the Sphinxes.” frightened Julia had inched away from the barrier. “What do you want of me?” Julia held her staff ever so tight, her knuckles turned white.The face in the barrier turned grim. “As part of my bloodline, I command you to empower us to enslave the Sphinxes!” Julia halted her frightened shaking, she took a tall stance. “I refuse!” she turned from the face that grew angrier. “The gates of hell shall deny you passage” the face stopped spouting mid sentence, a bolt of fire passed through the barrier from Julias side, it dragged the face away a little. “I ask of no entry through the gates, or to your domain at all.”

Julia turnrd again only to see Orlon run towards her, he rushed by her snd jumped through the barrier.

Immediately he had vanished, together with the ghostly face.