Thunder roared across the reverse, Julia had wept all night long, she looked up from the last glowing rest of the fire to the barrier.

Orlon fell off of it. Breathless Julia ran over to him, first pale morning light above and behind her. “I was worried about you!” her voice trembled synchronous to her nervous shaking.Circle Journal – 3 Succubi (ep 16)

Coughing Orlon sat up, after the last hours he felt incredibly liberated. Immensely glad to see Julia he embraced her. “For a moment I was afraid I’d never see you again.” he shook off the visions of drifting mist and howling wolves. “Why did you do it?” Julia had also embraced Orlon, noe pushed him away to look into his eyes.

“Revenge.” he took a deep breath as he laid back onto the ground. “A creature like him was responsible for the death of my old friend. I mistook him for that creature.” Julia turned her face to the barrier.

There was no sign of the creature that she could sense at all. “Is it dead?” Orlon sat back up and turned to the barrier, the look on his eyes grew distant. “I’m not entirely certain.” He looked at the empty sheath for the knife, then turned his attention away to Julia. “Thank you.” Orlon sighed getting up, ignoring her puzzled look he dutstef himself off before he turned to his horse.

“For?” Julia reluctantly found her voice again. Instead of replying verbally Orlon turned to her, his arm found its way around Julias thigh. Gently he pulled her close, their lips united, melting the two together for a passionate kiss. “This.” he breathed, not in control of his voice. Julia blushed, but was unable to speak, instead she pulled herself closer to Orlon again, kissing him once more.