Hipster shit!It’s a god damn flour mill!

“I have been baking my bread before it was cool!” This hipster shit really starts to grind my gears! A fracking flour mill, people! You can pay 219 Euros to have a freaking flour mill in your kitchen!!!

What kind of hipster – stay at home – hippy shit is this?? I can udnerstand the need for “autonomy”, but this ugly thing would make me hate the independent way and burn my wheat field down.
Besides, if you have enough wheat to make your own flour, so you can bake ALL your bread (and cookies!!!) yourself – wouldn’t it be more ecnomoic to have your own REAL mill? I mean, move to a river, get a wheel in that motherfracker and start grinding it ALL by yourself!

Wanna do something before it was cool? Go Amish….but then you couldn’t use your ELECTRIC flour mill here, could you?

(And if you have the small-change to buy a farm with enough land [roughly one hectar per adult], add a REAL mill, some solar collectors on your roof so your iPhone and MacBook Pro wouldn’t die, and make all your clothes from the wool you get from your own sheep – etc. – wouldn’t you just say “Frack this shit. I’m gonna buy this stuff…”???)