Julia was lying on her side she looked at Orlon who had fallen asleep. She still felt the immense confusion she had felt before.

Her senses had tingled when he had kissed her, she had felt that he was barely in control of his demonic heritage when he had penetrated her.

As she was watching him sleep more questions and doubts arose in her mind. Neither of them showed signs of a visitation, they had not drained one another of life.

Was that normal? After all he had the traits of an Incubus besides being a Cambion, she was a Succubus. On the other hand, both were anything but pure blooded.

Tormented by doubts and the experience with Orlon Julia shook her head. Getting up she gently kissed his cheek. Quickly she slipped into her clothing and released the brakes on the cart. Though night had broke again she left, she continued into the direction that Orlon would take as soon as he awoke. At the fork in the road she’d take the road to Clifton Village, once close she would find a way around it. Perhaps she’d claim to be plagued by smallpox or worse.

Folks usually avoided someone that ill. Although planned out all well, she was by far not satisfied with herself.

Orlon woke about an hour from daybreak. He couldn’t believe what he remembered. Worry for Julia was the first that came to his mind as he realised that she had left. Uncertain whether he still had time to go to Abbey Orlon looked up the winding road. In the distance he hoped to glance at Julias cart but the unforgiving darkness of the night did not give him a smuch of a token of hope. Hesitant he got dressed, the clothes were damp from the ground, moments later he sat in the saddle and followed the road uphill. Somewhere along the road he hoped to find a place where the horse could graze and drink, it had managed long enough without.

During dawn Orlon halted at a clearing on the slope, quickly he had figured out it was not inside the barrier, which followed the edge of the forest. From the tracks on the ground he had gathered that Julia had stopped at the clearing as well. Yearning he looked up the road. The thought of her had guided his heart through the barrier, had awakened the need for intimacy. “I’m in love!” he sighed looking up the road while the horse grazed on the clearing.