Double Triforce?Again nicked from

“The pendant Merkaba-Water is more than just a beautifully crafted pendant. It is a symbol, consisting of two three sided pyramids it creates a threedimensional star (?). It stands for all opposits. The blue of the stones stands for the power of water as an inner source of power.”

The pendant Merkaba-Water is an uncomfortably looking piece of recycled wiring and broken blue window glass. It stands for the gullible idiots who believe that glass stones can actually hold any power, it symbolizes the lack of wit in the cretins who buy it, and the opposite of that – the huge load of wits in the creators who got away with creating this piece of eye-soring madness, while cashing in big time!
But hey, if you get attacked, simply rip off your necklace and beat the culprits with Merkaba, this way you can leave a nasty, festering scar on their faces, that will make it easy for law inforcement to identify them later on.