“I am infected with smallpox.” with full intent Julia lent a tremor to her voice, together with what she had said, it made the men in her way part for her to continue. “Continue on, take it to your right in three days you should be in sight of the coast.” the men directed her, pointing to the right fork in the road. Underneath her hood Julia frowned, she had hoped to go through, or by, the village, not the abbey.

After she had passed through the blockade she looked down the path. In the distance she saw the clearing, a tiny brown spec wandered around on it, an even smaller spec stood close to it. “I’m sorry my dear Orlon, but until I know my place I can’t commit myself.” she stretched out her hand. “But be asured that I have feelings for you.” she climbed back onto the cart, she had led the oxen through a muddy patch.

A group of five men with grim expressions waited for any traveler a good ten meters from the fork in the road. Orlon saw only tracks of Julias cart, he figured she must’ve made it through the blockade. “Who goes there?” one of the men stepped in Orlons direction. “Orlon of Clifton, I must go the Abbey!”

“I’d suggest you wait a day, we sent a woman with smallpox up there.” the man who had stopped Orlon chuckled.

Softly shaking his head Orlon looked up the road, still in the vain hope to see the cart. “I can’t wait, sadly.” he still knew his original reasons to travel to the abbey. “There be a portal near Creekston, and I need enchantments.”

It dawned on the man that he had no ordinary traveler before him. “I must ask you to be cautious, there be many dangers in our woods recently, hence our being here.” the man told quickly of nightly attacks by unseen dangers, asking Orlon to ask the abbey to send help.