Am I the only one who thinks there should’ve been a He-Man movie in the 80s or early 90s starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as He-Man?

“By se powah off Gre Skool…”

This shit would’Ve rocked! And Californians would’Ve been able not only to claim “the Governator” but “He-Governor”, if anyone tries to frak with California he could wip out the sword and…well, you know the drill.

The series had so many one liners, in the movie the potential for cheesy Arnie-liners was endless. “Ma her is a mass” (Ma hair is a mess). He-Man the movie with Arnold as Adam/He-Man would’ve been the best of all the (B-)Movies of the 80’s/90’s.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I never was a true He-Man fan, never struck a chord with me, but in retrospect, yeah. Especially with Arnold as the lead character – why didn’t we do it? Someone invent a timemachine and do this for me, please! As Skeletor we could take either Dolph Lundgren (with Skull mask) or Klaus Kinski (with Body double?). Good times would’ve been had by all.

Just imagine He-Mans cheesiest lines said by a young(er) Arnold Schwarzenegger, re watch the show if you can and take the silliest lines, mold them into Arnies voice and dialect in your head and laugh till you have cramps. Hope to have given you a nice thought for the weekend. 😉