I have finished Whose World!

I closed most of the open threads, but kept a few open, as I intend to return to that world once I need to flee the close confines of space vessels.
(Or once I am DONE with Rings of Fate…some time in the distant future that is…)

After one year (a bit more) of writing the various pieces of WW, I’m glad to have finished the main story thread. (You’ll see)

Now for the next number I need an apocalyptic event and a crap load of empty space….I hope I can perform it in just as much time.
Going over the math however (Whose World has so far 5 parts with 4 subparts each, a grand total of 20 stories so far. Rings of Fate is supposed to have 3 stories per generation, 3 generations, on 3 ships totaling in 27; unless I add a 4th generation, in which case it will be 3 * 4 * 3 = 36;) I doubt it….once I have ONE generation full, I might start publishing it already. Sooooo … wish me luck if you’re into SciFi, and stay tuned for more fantasy, every Monday and Thursday.