Thunder roared from the chapel, Sparks in many different colors flowed from the partly open chapel doors. Fuelled by tension Orlon jumped to it and risked a look. At the altar a group of Gargoyles stood around in a semicircle, the charged against a wall of rainbowcolors. Inside the door, behind the wall where Orlon stood, someone discharged bolts of magic at the shielding by the altar, from where the firebolts he knew only from Julia were shot at the door. Again thunder roared and sparks flew as the fire bolts impacted on the shielding of the person next to the door.

Orlon slid back, he looked around the abandoned yard.

The lack of bodies, or at least gnawed off bones, was puzzling Orlon, there was a weapons rack next to the forge, a rusty sword and a pike were all that was left.

Orlon seized the sword and pike, he waited for the magic user on the other side of the wall to start attacking again. He jumped around the narrow edge, a tall monk in a dark robe charged his magic against the altar. Surprised at the sudden visitor he had no time to raise his shielding again. The rusty sword impaled the monk, before the gargoyles knew that Orlon had entered the chapel he threw the pike at one of them.

The others turned their attention to him, three got immediately smitten by fire bolts, two more by Orlon who had rushed to the altar in the mean time.

The remaining gargoyle fled in panic. “You can come out.” Orlon picked up the pike again.

“I’m incredibly sorry.” Julias thin voice was the only thing that raised up from beyond the altar. Orlon found her cowering against the altar.

“What are you apologising for?” Orlon returned to the monk, perchance he had valuable items on himself. “We shared the most intimate moment of our lives with each other, and then I deserted you out there.” she cried as she reached the end of her sentence.

Upon returning to her Orlon sat down beside her, leaning against the altar hegently laid his arm around her. “Don’t you cry, I feel like you, confused, perhaps a little frightened.” he added in his thoughts that after all he had to return to the forest at Creekston to close a portal from which demonic broods spewed forth.

“I have no place in the world.” Julia cried, she felt uncertainty at a level she had not before. “Nor do I, but we could claim one, make one!” Still crying Julia sat up, decisively she shook her head. “You have at least a duty in life, though no place.” she vaguely pointed at the dead gargoyles around them. For a momenr Orlon wanted to object, but saw her point. Should he ask Julia to join him? Could he, or could she, take the death of one of them? He barely could contain his grief for his best friend whom he knew for all his life, but whom he never felt as strong for as he felt for Julia.

“All this aside, there still are the enchanted gems in the catacombs, Argho hid them forme to collect in case he died. The abbot might still be alive, and able to help you with the abbess.” Orlon tried to sound optimistic, but concerning the abbot he had his doubts. Though he was an extraordinary man, the level of devastation in the abbey spoke a clear language. One of utter defeat.

“Let us depart then.” the sigh in Julias voice told Orlon she had contained her feelings, quickly she had come to her feet, ready to move on.