Formerly dust encrusted steps led down the stairwell into the darkness of the catacombs, hundred feet or more had climbed down there before Orlon and Julia. Each of the two carried a torch, they didn’t want to end up lost in the darkness in case they got separated. Screams welcomed them from beneath, telling tales neither wanted to hear.

Hesitantly they followed the steps to the catacombs, a broad room with a low ceiling opened before them, in Orlons memory the ceiling was a bit higher, but he and Argho had been pubescent when they had hid the gems in the tomb.

Even before they had entered the smell of fresh blood and other bodily fluids had met their senses. Alerted them to the dangers that lurked in the darkness not far from them.

Julia reacted before she fully realised what was happening, as a bright red object shot towards them at incredible speeds, she deflected it with a barrier. Taken by surprise Orlon stumbled away from the colorful barrier that had spanned across the room in front of him. “And here the Abbot told me you were alone, without protective magic.” a smoky female voice mumbled out of the darkness.

Ever since they had entered the grounds of the abbey both of them felt the presence of various beings, uncertain what creature might be stepping into their torches’ light Orlon and Julia stayed ready to fight the ugliest of horrors. “I shall enjoy dragging you to the abbot.” slowly a nun had marched into sight.

“I seem to have forgotten your name sister.” Orlon inched a little to the side, the more room between him and Julia, the better, the nun couldn’t fight at two opposite directions.

“Names, my dear child, are but words, nothing of substance!” the closer she came to Julias barrier and the light of their torches, the more she revealed of herself. Her dress had been torn to shreds from her hips down, blood ran actually down her legs. In her eyes lay a vacant gaze, but clearlyshe was not under foreign control. With the sound of ripping cloth two large leathery wings unfolded, undressing her completely.

“I was taken into a true sisterhood last night! And I shall thank my true savior by taking you to him!” terrified Orlon realised that the nun had been made into something like a new breed of Succubi, made to fight not to seduce. Julia inched away from the tormented nun. Again the nun fired a deep red shot at the shielding Julias, which flickered in all colors of the rainbow.