“Sister! Remember your true nature! Your devotion!” Orlon hoped to reach the human she had been transformed from, but stood ready to fight in the narrow space of the low room. “This is my true nature!” her words were a shout paired with another discharge of hers against the shielding.

As she formed her hands a third time to an empty funnel to call forth yet another one of her shots, Orlon quickly ducked away to throw his knife without hitting the ceiling.

Thunder shook the heavy walls as the forming discharge exploded in the nuns hands, paired with a terrifying scream of agony she was thrown back several meters.

Careful, expectant of another attack, Orlon slowly crept closer. He could see that the nun was not quite dead, but mortally wounded.

Trembling the nun raised a hand and waved Orlon over. “Thank you, my Circle Journal – 3 Succubi (ep 22)child!” she hissed between her teeth. “Hurry onwards! The abbot, he is behind it all.”

Confused Orlon sheathed his dagger, trying to help the nun, now apparently back to her former self, but she pushed his hand away. “Too late child!” she coughed up some blood, focusing to breathe calmly. “The Abbot has made a pact with the dark forces! The attacks to which you were sent were only to lure you and others away, while they were staging a coup here. Hurry before they succeed in breaking free unto this world!” Julia also had found the courage to come closer to the dying nun. Who inspected the Succubus with wide eyes. Attempting to whisper her lips moved, almost flickered, but she had not left enough breath to speak her dying words.

“Rest in peace, sister.” Maria gently kissed her thumb and then touched the nuns lips, that had frozen in a gentle smile. Both wondered what had delighted the sister so much as to make her smile, quickly they left the room.

“What will await us?” Julia stayed a step behind Orlon, half sunken in trance to maintain a shielding in front of them. “Demons. Perhaps more of the nuns.” Orlon was deeply disturbed by the events, the one place in the world he thought would never be corrupted, had fallen into enemy hands. Of all people, the abbot had betrayed him and the entire cause.

A rustling noise in a dark tunnel to their side startled the two quickly Julia extended the barrier to the sides, while Orlon shuffled to her side, between Julia and the tunnel in question.

Only a dimm reflection of his torches light in eight eyes was visible. “Don’t make any sudden movements!” he warned in a calm voice, while the thigh high spider creature slowly crawled towards the two. It stopped at Orlon, sniffed at him. “She is older than this crypt, and very protective of her grounds.” he explained as the spider passed through the shielding to sniff on Julia as well.

Just as quickly as it had appeared the giant spider withdrew into another dark tunnel. On the further march Orlon explained that he and Argho had found the spider in the catacombs in ther youth, only to discover it was relatively harmless, though they knew not what it was feeding on.