I recently got my hands on some glossy magazines from the it crowd.

First of all I gotta complain the senseless lingo in there
“…his residence in the Brit-Metropole…” talking about London, eh?
First of all, if you were to say to ANY native britishman (or woman) that London was the “Brit-Metropole” I think they have the right to punch you in the face. So this dude (a wonderful Austrian author) has a residence there. Okay, why does this need an article? Soldering on.
They showed photographs of every part of his home there, including the loo. Yes, the one room even emperors and kings, even supposed divine men and women go to – they need to show us. Why on bloody earth is anyone interested where someone else is crapping, peeing and/or masturbating? WHY?The one thing that astonished me almost more was the follow up article.

“Furnish your home in the same fashion!”
Uuuhm…okay, my problem with this is not so much the lingo (disgusting) or the fact that these dim-wit’s felt the need to look up all his things to pricetag it and show us where to purchase it, but that obviously, some people have so little inspiration, so little individuality that they NEED these articles to simulate creative decorating and furnishing.

Now for the most disturbing thing in that glossy magazine.
“The style of the It Girls”
Now. If ANY woman is striving to be an “it” instead of a “who”, please lay down your right to vote, your rights as a human being and become an object. It is apparent to me that you want to be objectified. Generations of women who fought for equality – ashamed. Died in vain.
Besides, everytime I read “IT GIRL” I have to pause. Does it mean “it” girl or “I.T.” girl?
I’d like to see “I.T.” girls. Even though I once had an I.T. girl, and it ended horribly, I’d still preferr an I.T. girl over an it girl. WHo would want a horribly shallow cunt with little to no personality who only looks pretty after two hours in dressing&make-up room (other wise they could double for Maggie Smith), if you could have an I.T. girl, with loads of personality (and moves that could turn your world view over) eventhough the forseeable end might be ugly?

Back to the caption. “The Style” what style? Shallow whore? Did you read my christmas calendar? What am I supposed to do with a female, living christmas tree? What is a woman supposed to think of herself if she sees such a thing? (Yes, thing. NEver forget, it’s not a “who” it’s an “it”)