It did not take them long to find themselves at yet another staircase that led downwards. The ceiling of the room they reached was higher, but the screams intensified as well. Both of their expressions grew dimmer while they listened to the screaming in the distance. “If I had to guess,” Julia sighed, raising her staff, again building a barrier in front of them, “there are more nuns being forced into service and submission.”

“That’s right little Succubus!” a monk stepped out of the dark corners of the tomb they were in. By his eyes Orlon could tell that he had been given the same powers as the monk in the chapel. For a moment he studied the two intruders with a crazed look, but empty expression. “Young Orlon, you fraternize with a Succubus? Have you fallen under the malevolent influence that has taken a hold of the Abbot?” he formed a barrier around himself, as well as a discharge in his hand. “No, we came to seek aid in fighting the evil, sealing the portals, only to learn of the Abbotts change of heart. Have you fallen under the evil spell?” the discharge in the monks hand disappeared. “Yes and no. My given powers can’t harm those who gave them to me, so I fled.” the monk detailed in a few words how I stayed close to the evil that transformed him so that he could not be felt. Incapable of dissolving the situation he had hoped that someone would make it to the catacombs in order for him to aid the people in question.

“Brother Francis, can your powers harm the other perils in these catacombs?” still distrustful of the monk Orlon kept his distance while the group moved on. “Of course, how do you think I escaped to where you found me?” the heavy local accent the monk spoke was an indication that he had not spent his entire life in the abbey.

“What exactly did happen?” unable to contain her curiosity Julia turned to the monk. “The abbot made a pact with the forces of evil to grant him immortality, the fear of death had led him to this act of treachery. To quote father Albert, he had not seen any miracles, lost faith in the divine and thus fears death.”

“He saw us fighting evil, gargoyles defending the abbey! Most people out there would give an arm and a leg to see wonders like that.” Orlon grumbled, he had heard of such desperate acts by clergymen before, just had never thought it to be a real possibility. “Well maybe not the evil itself, but us fighting it.” he added, stabbing the skull of a skeleton as a precaution.

“Wonder young Orlon, but not miracles!” brother Francis smirked, he too was cautiously firing a bolt of lightning into a tunnel that intersected the path they were walking on.