“It is down there. I shall accompany you, but bear in mind I can’t harm the Abbot, or his allies.” Francis sighed, he had led the two through a few smaller tunnels to avoid patrols. Covered in cobwebs Orlon followed the monk, Julia closely behind him.

“Before we enter that horrible room of death and agony,” Julia reached for Orlons hand. “I must confess yet again that I have fallen in love you!”

Sofzly Orlon squeezed the gentle hand in his. “I have fallen in love with you, the thought of you guided my heart through the barrier, I wish we could just turn around leave this place,” he looked deeply into her dark eyes, out of obvious reasons leaving the sentence unfinished.

“Afterwards, we could move to the shore, and live there.” Julia proposed, nodding with a faint smile, Orlon doubted that both of them would survive the encounter in the room ahead. Screams of a nun reached the stairs, other noise mixed into it.

But for a tiny moment Orlon and Julia did not hear any of these noises, as their lips found together, melting together for a tender kiss.

In the large dome shaped room thefound cages totheir sides in which monks and nuns were incarcerated, guarded by a few creatures they identified as the new breed of Incubi and Succubi. On tbe other end of the room there was an altar, two male figires stood next to it, watching with a bored expression what was happening on it. In one of them Orlon and the monk recognized the abbot. Behind the altar there stood a woman with no eyes, even without eyesockets, she had huge leathery wings, although they were chained, it was obvious they could span at least two or three times as wide as Julias.

None of the guards took notice of the intruders. Francis and Julia raised a shield as the three sneaked floser to the center if the room.

Suddenly the blind woman shrieked up, screamed at the three intruders. Immediately the guards turned towards them, the formerly bored expression on the faces of the abbot and the other creature transformed into tense but amused while watching their guards descend upon the uninvited guests. Magical bolts impacted in colorful explosions on the barriers around the three, who returned fire and demobilized half of the guards.