Guards with shielding of their own quickly regrouped to form a group that split the dutoes of shielding and attacking amongst them. Francis took it upon himself to shield the three against their attacks, while Julia kept returning fire. All the while the incarcerated monks and nuns cheered their supposed saviors. Orlon had withdrawn from the defenders field of vision, he had seen a weapons rack in a corner, slowly he sneaked towards it.

Suddenly noises the Succubi and monks made in their struggle with the intruders silenced, causing Orlon to peek out of his secure location. They had withdrawn to their masters at the altar. Just like the eyeless Succubus an Incubus of similar size and chains stood there, his nether region was driping with fresh blood, it was a relief to Orlon that he couldn’t see the top of the altar. “Orlon, my child, why don’t you simply come out to your abbot?” he ignored Julia and Francis. “I am still pursuing the same goals you do!”

“In allying yourself with hellish forces? I think not!” Orlon avoided leaving his cover, neither of his allies was close enough to cast a barrier around him. All while he kept plotting his route to the weapons rack the high demon next to the abbot barked at his two chained minions. Their wrists and wings were chained to an iron belt around their hips, Orlon assumed they would turn upon their master if unchained.

“Join us in our quest, we can undo the Sphinxes once and for all!” the abbots voice trembled in a way that made Orlon pause fora second. He knew the abbot well enough to hear that the old man wanted to tell him something, something the demon shouldn’t hear.