“Yes human spawn, how?” the demon too showed interest in the Abbott’s plan.

As the two were distracted Julia and Francis rushed to Orlon, providing a barrier, while he made a run for the weapons rack.

Armed with a sword and a new dagger Orlon felt more secure as he approached the altar with Julia and Francis at his sides. Now he saw the partly conscious nun that was lying on the altar. A dead sister at the side of the altar, obviously the brutal rape did not always turn the victim.

“Abbot.” Francis raised his voice, “Discontinue your plans, there are other ways.” the little overweight man became red with anger. “The combination of good and evil, shall obliterate all that draws its power from beyond! Thus it was written, and if a lie, at least I shall have eternal life!” the abbot raised his hands, fire spewed from his fingers.

Francis ducked away from the flames as they penetrated the shielding with ease. Orlon covered Julia as he pushed her aside, in their escape she lost her footing, spreading her wings to regain balance.

One wing spread away the other wrapped around Orlon she felt a level of security unknown to her. If all demons in the room would plunge themselves at them, she would feel safe in Orlons arms. Little did she know of the gaping scorched wound on his back. Ready to release yet another wave of fire at the intruders the abbot stopped.

Doubting his eyes he stared at Orlon and Julia, he had not payed enough attention to her, as her redish skincolor would’ve given her away already. But seeing his former ward in a tender, loving embrace with a Succubus came as a surprise.

“Your powers are waning!” Francis smirked, throwing a few fiery bolts at the abbot who stumbled backwards. Quickly the demon struck out at the chains of his two minons, before grabbing the Abbott’s shoulder, smoke started to plume out from him.

“I’m sorry Baal, but we can’t leave.” the abbot cried under tears. Quickly, almost in panic the demon looked at the couple. He saw a twirling vortex spinning through Julias center as she slowly, under agonizing tears, was torn to tbe ground by Orlons weight. The eyeless creatures built themselves up at the sides of Baal and the Abbot, infuriated the brutally hacked at them, met with aggressive counter attacks only by Baal.

A satisfied, yet slightly pitiful look was lying on Brother Francis eyes.

The group of four demonic creatures that were leading the evil in the Abbey, was now an indistinguishable mess of bodies. Baal and his two minions had fought to their deaths.

He turned to the room. All the nuns and monks had been freed and left, some had helped Julia with Orlon.

Frightened at their lords defeat, there had been no opposition in the corridors and tunnels. Francis sat down next to corpses at the altar. Without looking he reached over to them pulling the head of Baal out. “Soon there will be no magic left. It will bleed out of this world.” he looked at the head. “That includes my powers as well, and all the demons, witches and sorcerers out there, but also all the angels, will turn into human, flesh and blood, and mortal.” there was a cynical smirk on Francis’ lips as he spoke. “We’re all confined to this world then.” he sighed, a shadow of sorrow crossed his face. “Don’t undo the eternal child.” his voice seemed warning, watching the eyes of Baals head twitch, before he flung the head to the farside of the room where he had the entrance collapsed.