I recently stumbled upon some skin oil that listed “organic daisies” as one of the ingredients.
I don’t know about you, but, organic daisies?

The whole organic crap is getting out of hand. Everything is organic all of a sudden, and it juuuust costs a little extra. Mostly a whole euro.

Tell you what, most of that organic business is utter crap. They’re taking your money while shitting you.


Who in their right mind is falling for this? Alright, I don’t want my kid, wife or myself feeding on overly pimped foods. Ease down on the fertilisers, hold the insecticides and pesticides and weedwhackers. Give me happy bees and eco friendly irrigation.

But! Flowers like Daisies, that grow happily and healthy on every patch of dirt worldwide – DON’T. NEED. ANY. OF. THAT! They are like pests. They grow fraking everywhere!
So stop bullshitting us with organic daisies!

PS: Succubi is over, next week the new series starts, Whose World has just begun. I’m working on a better index (okay, “an index”), please be patient. 🙂