Gray clouds hung low in the skies, never seizing winds howled across the land, throwing the flakes of snow and ice like tiny darts.

Forests and steppes lay in an almost enchanted slumber underneath a thick layer of snow. Burrowed in their holes and nests, birds and beasts eagerly awaited better weather or even spring.

Fighting against the forces of nature a silhouette made its way through the snow. The trail of its journey thus far disappeared in the howling winds after a few moments. Moving forward from a large open field into the forest, the Silhouette rested as the pull of the winds decreased due to the shelter provided by the trees and undergrowth.

Bright turquoise eyes glanced through the never ending rows of trees.


But with no idea what to search for. After a few moments of rest the Silhouette started walking again, though the forest was dense, walking had become a lot easier, the snow was not as high as on the open field.

“Be sure to watch out for bears and wolves.” a young man, wrapped in several layers of warm clothing left the lonely cabin he lived in with his brothers familiy. The older, but still young, man leaned behind him on a crutch, one leg fixed between two pieces of wood. Just weeks earlier he had slipped and broken his leg while the two were hunting. “I will brother, although they wouldn’t come out now.” Crys smiled tiredly, well used to being treated like a child. Slowly he made his way to the woods, his family had marked their hunting trail for generations, so they wouldn’t get buried under all that snow.