As she looked down on herself Gelas eyes were filled with confusion. Slowly did she feel gravity pulling her to the ground, the room around her had started to turn. “I had forgotten.” she whispered as Crys had come to her aid. “I was alone for weeks and the garments I had were hindering me. Only the bear,” she gasped for air, slowly the shock seemed to release the locked up emotions inside her. Her turquoise eyes were filling up with tears. Again Crys was somewhat shocked and irritated, the tears of hers were milky droplets of juice, slowly oozing out of her eyes rolling down the perfectly soft cheeks. “What are you?” his heart beat up to his throat.

Next to her pain and sadness, confusion mixed into her expressions. “I’m floral, why do you ask?”

“Because I’m human!” he paused for a moment, crouched closer after he had reflected on her words. In his childhood he had heard stories, his grandfather used to tell them late at night on a lobg winters eve. “Floral, as in, you are a plant? I though you were only a fairytale!” he gasped. “Still,” Gela turned her head back to the door behind Crys. “the fungal guards are out there.” giving her words his full attention Crys sat down next to her.

“I fled our homeland over the ice, then wandered up from the coast. The fungal guards had taken over and were ravaging through our villages.” she glanced over her shoulder to the fireplace, “With fire. Although vulnerable to it themselves, they used it to burn us and our homes, to ashes.” as she returned her face to Crys he noticed her milky tears again, his first impulse was to reache to her cheek and wipe them off but she stopped him. “It might be poisonous to your kind.” excusingly she wiped them away herself with her bare skin. “I wandered through the ice and snow, until I found the bear. I had to kill it to warm myself, as I felt that my resin and juices were beginning to stiffen in the cold.”