Upon Crys’ question whether the fungal guards had followed her over the ice, she shook her head. According to her knowledge, were the fungals as heavy as a human, they would’ve broken through the thin ice shell on the ocean, meaning they must’ve utilised a boat. Both stared into the distance as if they could see right through the walls of the cabin. Again Crys was thinking if the stories his grandfather used to tell him. How the calm sea between his homeland and the vast untamed forests of the neighboring continent froze in particularly cold winters. “I need to get as far from them as possible!” Gela turned to him all of a sudden. “They must have tracked me and,” Crys put his finger to her cold lips.

“There has to be another explanation, if they really had been tracking you, they would have found us, not my brother and his family.” he smiled, more to convince himself. He knew of course that they would’ve lost track of Gela in the snowstorm, that their search would’ve led them to the marked unting trails, which led to the vicinity of the cabin.

Deep in thought he got up, his gaze wandered through the room again, he knew there was another sleigh, they could make a run for the village. “I agree with you on one thing.” he mumbled walking towards the bed, pulling a ladder from underneath it. With it he walked around the cabin, quickly he climbed up. Noisily a sleigh tumbled down next to Gela, who watched in amazement.

“We should get out of here.” he smirked victoriously, holding up the vehicle. Again his gaze revealed that he had never seen a naked woman before. “But we should get you dressed first.” his hand pointed vaguely towards a large trunk next to the bed his brother and wife used to sleep in.

In case that Gela was right about the fungal guards, Crys did not leave a note telling that he had gone for the village, instead he wrote ‘Valborhim’, the village name, doubting the foreigners would know the meaning.