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Circle Journal – 4 Growth (ep 2)

In search for the traps he had laid out he walked quietly, keeping an eye out for some wolves or bears that were hungry enough to wade through meters of snow. He doubted a heavy bear would actually be able to walk on the snow, since he himself could only walk with snowshoes.

Although he sometimes cursed living high up in the mountains instead of the village, in the dead of winter he liked it, since it meant that no one would, or rather could, raid their traps. A possible thief would have to work his way to the forest for several days, and no one was that desperate.

After several hours he rested on a rock near a frozen creek. A few rabbits and squirrels had left their comfortable lairs and ran into the traps, but the majority of the traps were empty. The dead animals hung on a rope around his waist.

Pondering about settling somewhere between the cabin and the village he looked around, until his eyes hinged up on something odd.


Circle Journal – 4 Growth (ep 1)

Gray clouds hung low in the skies, never seizing winds howled across the land, throwing the flakes of snow and ice like tiny darts.

Forests and steppes lay in an almost enchanted slumber underneath a thick layer of snow. Burrowed in their holes and nests, birds and beasts eagerly awaited better weather or even spring.

Fighting against the forces of nature a silhouette made its way through the snow. The trail of its journey thus far disappeared in the howling winds after a few moments. Moving forward from a large open field into the forest, the Silhouette rested as the pull of the winds decreased due to the shelter provided by the trees and undergrowth.

Bright turquoise eyes glanced through the never ending rows of trees.


But with no idea what to search for. After a few moments of rest the Silhouette started walking again, though the forest was dense, walking had become a lot easier, the snow was not as high as on the open field.

“Be sure to watch out for bears and wolves.” a young man, wrapped in several layers of warm clothing left the lonely cabin he lived in with his brothers familiy. The older, but still young, man leaned behind him on a crutch, one leg fixed between two pieces of wood. Just weeks earlier he had slipped and broken his leg while the two were hunting. “I will brother, although they wouldn’t come out now.” Crys smiled tiredly, well used to being treated like a child. Slowly he made his way to the woods, his family had marked their hunting trail for generations, so they wouldn’t get buried under all that snow.

Organic nonsense

I recently stumbled upon some skin oil that listed “organic daisies” as one of the ingredients.
I don’t know about you, but, organic daisies?

The whole organic crap is getting out of hand. Everything is organic all of a sudden, and it juuuust costs a little extra. Mostly a whole euro.

Tell you what, most of that organic business is utter crap. They’re taking your money while shitting you.


Who in their right mind is falling for this? Alright, I don’t want my kid, wife or myself feeding on overly pimped foods. Ease down on the fertilisers, hold the insecticides and pesticides and weedwhackers. Give me happy bees and eco friendly irrigation.

But! Flowers like Daisies, that grow happily and healthy on every patch of dirt worldwide – DON’T. NEED. ANY. OF. THAT! They are like pests. They grow fraking everywhere!
So stop bullshitting us with organic daisies!

PS: Succubi is over, next week the new series starts, Whose World has just begun. I’m working on a better index (okay, “an index”), please be patient. 🙂

Circle Journal – 3 Succubi (ep 26 – finale)

“Yes human spawn, how?” the demon too showed interest in the Abbott’s plan.

As the two were distracted Julia and Francis rushed to Orlon, providing a barrier, while he made a run for the weapons rack.

Armed with a sword and a new dagger Orlon felt more secure as he approached the altar with Julia and Francis at his sides. Now he saw the partly conscious nun that was lying on the altar. A dead sister at the side of the altar, obviously the brutal rape did not always turn the victim.

“Abbot.” Francis raised his voice, “Discontinue your plans, there are other ways.” the little overweight man became red with anger. “The combination of good and evil, shall obliterate all that draws its power from beyond! Thus it was written, and if a lie, at least I shall have eternal life!” the abbot raised his hands, fire spewed from his fingers.

Francis ducked away from the flames as they penetrated the shielding with ease. Orlon covered Julia as he pushed her aside, in their escape she lost her footing, spreading her wings to regain balance.

One wing spread away the other wrapped around Orlon she felt a level of security unknown to her. If all demons in the room would plunge themselves at them, she would feel safe in Orlons arms. Little did she know of the gaping scorched wound on his back. Ready to release yet another wave of fire at the intruders the abbot stopped.

Doubting his eyes he stared at Orlon and Julia, he had not payed enough attention to her, as her redish skincolor would’ve given her away already. But seeing his former ward in a tender, loving embrace with a Succubus came as a surprise.

“Your powers are waning!” Francis smirked, throwing a few fiery bolts at the abbot who stumbled backwards. Quickly the demon struck out at the chains of his two minons, before grabbing the Abbott’s shoulder, smoke started to plume out from him.

“I’m sorry Baal, but we can’t leave.” the abbot cried under tears. Quickly, almost in panic the demon looked at the couple. He saw a twirling vortex spinning through Julias center as she slowly, under agonizing tears, was torn to tbe ground by Orlons weight. The eyeless creatures built themselves up at the sides of Baal and the Abbot, infuriated the brutally hacked at them, met with aggressive counter attacks only by Baal.

A satisfied, yet slightly pitiful look was lying on Brother Francis eyes.

The group of four demonic creatures that were leading the evil in the Abbey, was now an indistinguishable mess of bodies. Baal and his two minions had fought to their deaths.

He turned to the room. All the nuns and monks had been freed and left, some had helped Julia with Orlon.

Frightened at their lords defeat, there had been no opposition in the corridors and tunnels. Francis sat down next to corpses at the altar. Without looking he reached over to them pulling the head of Baal out. “Soon there will be no magic left. It will bleed out of this world.” he looked at the head. “That includes my powers as well, and all the demons, witches and sorcerers out there, but also all the angels, will turn into human, flesh and blood, and mortal.” there was a cynical smirk on Francis’ lips as he spoke. “We’re all confined to this world then.” he sighed, a shadow of sorrow crossed his face. “Don’t undo the eternal child.” his voice seemed warning, watching the eyes of Baals head twitch, before he flung the head to the farside of the room where he had the entrance collapsed.

Circle Journal – 3 Succubi (ep 25)

Guards with shielding of their own quickly regrouped to form a group that split the dutoes of shielding and attacking amongst them. Francis took it upon himself to shield the three against their attacks, while Julia kept returning fire. All the while the incarcerated monks and nuns cheered their supposed saviors. Orlon had withdrawn from the defenders field of vision, he had seen a weapons rack in a corner, slowly he sneaked towards it.

Suddenly noises the Succubi and monks made in their struggle with the intruders silenced, causing Orlon to peek out of his secure location. They had withdrawn to their masters at the altar. Just like the eyeless Succubus an Incubus of similar size and chains stood there, his nether region was driping with fresh blood, it was a relief to Orlon that he couldn’t see the top of the altar. “Orlon, my child, why don’t you simply come out to your abbot?” he ignored Julia and Francis. “I am still pursuing the same goals you do!”

“In allying yourself with hellish forces? I think not!” Orlon avoided leaving his cover, neither of his allies was close enough to cast a barrier around him. All while he kept plotting his route to the weapons rack the high demon next to the abbot barked at his two chained minions. Their wrists and wings were chained to an iron belt around their hips, Orlon assumed they would turn upon their master if unchained.

“Join us in our quest, we can undo the Sphinxes once and for all!” the abbots voice trembled in a way that made Orlon pause fora second. He knew the abbot well enough to hear that the old man wanted to tell him something, something the demon shouldn’t hear.

Meanwhile elsewhere I

And while everybody is pouring their hearts out over a fourty something year old man who cracked his head open beneath his skiing helmet, steam js rising from Reactor 3 in Fukushima. Why? No one knows…
Ramifications? No one knows…

Yakuza gangsters recruited homless people (!) to clean up the Fukushima site…

China refuses to import USAmerican corn, after finding GM strains in it. If even the Chinese won’t eat the GM Crap, why should we? Do we get laws banning that crap from our stores, tables and out fields (GM seeds spread too!) Maybe, probably not…

there’s craptons more news that is far more important, and impacting on our lives than the life or death of a celebrity, as tragic as it may be…


Bust this…

Yeah, just another casual nostalgia post.

I recently talked with a colleague about this. It all started with her saying “I used a line my grandma used to say some years ago in reference to her old cheesy movies. They just don’t make movies like this anymore.” she was then revealing that she was referring herself to Ghostbusters.

And I dare say, she is right.

Imagine our beloved Childhood/Youth classic being made (from scratch) today.
It’d be a CGI Frakfest. Think the god-awful Transformers movies, times ten. Just the scene in the library. The register cards blowing out. It was a practical trick, one they’d do it in CGI today. And you’d see it in the expressions on the actors faces. “Look at the register, there are cards blowing out of it. (We’ll add that on the computer)” And the expression would be like “Oh, I am SO surprised. Wow. Such chaos. Such fright.” (insert Doge Meme here)

They just don’t make them like that anymore. You see that with Star Trek.
A CGI-Lensflare-JumpCut-Frakfest. That’d be Ghostbusters 2013/-14. “Peter, look a Ghost!” [jumpcut] [CGI Creep] [Jumpcut] [Lensflare] Peter.


Other movies from that era that were our childhood/youth – deto.

If it would be a more serious topic I’d weep for today’s children. But gladly it is just movies. So I can sit back, pop in a DVD and view good ol’ movies that were GOOD. Focused on story, cheesy effects, practical effects and lot’s of REAL acting. Just look at the (Star Wars) Prequels. Puppet Yoda replaced by CGI in Episode 2 & 3 in ALL shots (in action shots, okay, but also in slow moving ones??) – crap. No “on location” sets, almost everything filmed against a blue screen – dull, boring movements, a lot of standing around, a lot of sitting. When Anakin informed Mace Windu that Palpatine might be Darth Sidious – I would’Ve grabbed a bunch of JEdi and soldiers standing around there in the hangar and RAN to the fucker. But no, because it is all in a studio with limited space and all bluescreen garbage – slowly paced walking.

Filming everything againsta blue screen is okay for low budget Fan-made movies/series (like some great Star Trek fan series out there), but for big productions? GET SOME SETS! Real stuff, tangible stuff, interactive stuff. Ghostbuster 2014 would be shot in a blue-/greenscreen set in a studio, the ghosts would look more fake than they did in the 80s and the acting would therefore suck.
There’d be lensflares and jumpcuts to give the illusion of fast pace, but it would leave behind a stale, shallow feeling.

I’m glad that the films were made in 80s and not today. So, take some popcorn, a coke (the softdrink not the white stuff) and enjoy the recordings or DVDs. 😉