“I’m afraid they’ll come tonight and kill me, or worse take me away.” Gela laid her face on his hand. “What would you do with such a threat looming over your head?” after thinking for a moment Crys sighed long and hard. “Run away. In the cover of darkness.” he got up and checked the door. The guard was standing a few meters away, Galens wife had reminded him that his prisoners were free to roam the village. “I was just looking, we didn’t want to be disturbed.” he winked to the man before shutting the door again. Again sitting but withva puzzled look on her face, Gela watched him as he crouched to the window and stared outside, he was trying to conceive of a route they could take. A rout that would keep them unnoticed but at the same time didn’t bring them to dark corners at which fungal guards could apprehend them.

“And he will leave alone now?” Crys turned to her. “He thinks we are intimate, yes, he’ll leave us alone.” he hissed, hoping she’d lower her voice too. Instead she got off the bed and crawled over to him, also peekingbout of the window. “So what is your plan?” she whispered. “We’ll wait for nightfall, pry open the window, afterwards we quickly rush by that barn over there.” he pointed to building in question. “From there we have to make a run for the woods.” as he turned his attention back to her, he noticed she had been looking at him the entire time. “And then?” she lifted her hand, ran her fingers through his hair. “Make it downhill, find a way to the city of Hallenthal. It is far away inland, but no one will find us there.” Crys couldn’t deny he felt aroused by Gelas hand in his hair.

Heavily panting Crys was lying on the bed, Gela kneed above him, she too was short on breath. Smilingly she let herself sink down upon him, gently kissing him. “Why tell a lie when the truth is sufficient?” she panted, talking about the implied intimacy when Crys had spoken with their guard. “True.” Crys gently kissed her forehead. “But why?” Gela looked up. “We live with a danger over our heads. We should cherish the time we have together, we could face danger tonight.” slightly nodding Crys agreed.

Holding on to each other the two dozed off, still not falling into a deep sleep, eagerly awaiting dusk.

“May I ask you something?” Crys was watching the blue sky through the window. “Of course you may.” her voice was thin, laden with doubts and many thoughts. “You said you are born as seedlings, why do you have,” he stopped, looking down on her. Gela just stared back. “I thought you liked them?” a frisky smile played around her lips, provoked a similarly frisky smile on his. “I was just wondering, and, yes I like them very much.” he started kissing her again, felt her kissing his him. Lower and lower went his kisses from the neck down. Giggling to cover her weariness Gela looked up. “You want to know what they are for?” Crys looked up. “Then suck on them.”