Slowly Crys realised why the fungal guards were hunting the florals. With his tongue he carefully tasted the honey like nectar in the corner of his mouth. Rumors had spread that the mages had lost their ability to use their powers, apparently the fungal conjurers had figured out what rejuvenated their powers.

As on their ride down the slope Crys brought the sled to grinding halt just before he would crash into the trees. In the pale moonlight he could clearly see Gelas tracks leading into the forest.

Hoping that the fungal guards had not found and caught her he got off the sled and hasted through the deep snow as fast as he could.

“Gela!” his voice still sounded a little numbed, his tongue felt less heavy but still affected. “Answer please!” he felt tears shooting into his eyes.

Crys had to cough. Yelling on the top of his lungs was not doping him any good. A few twigs cracked under the weight of a normal person, quickly he ducked away and rolled to the side. Instincitvely raising his hands to defend himself a shield of small ethereal spiked lit up in a green light infront of him, also defending himself instinctively the fungal guard threw a similar shield against Crys’. Puzzled at what had happened Crys stared into the darkness with a blank expression, while the fungal conjurer turned and fled. “He fears your magic.” behind a tree Crys saw the glowing turquoise eyes Gelas. “Human conjurers can summon fire, he probably can’t, or at least fears you could summon it.” wide eyed Crys just stared in her direction, she too seemed scared of him. “You didn’t tell me you were a conjurer.”

Clumsily he got up, as he took one step closer Gela shied away. “I wasn’t.” he whispered, well aware she could hear him. “Don’t be scared!” Gela couldn’t look away from his vaguely visible face. “Please, stay! The magistrate knows now that the fungals lied to him.” with each word his tongue got less heavy, his lips felt less numb.

Reluctantly Gela stepped away from behind the tree.

Crys slowly walked towards her, taking her into his arms as he reached her. Eagerly he breathed in her sweet, vanilla-esque smell. “Where ever you go, I shall be with you.” he whispered, looking into her turquoise glowing eyes. “Always.” he added. Gela closed her eyes, she pressed herself against Crys. “But what about the fungals? My people?” she didn’t let go of him despite her naging concerns. “What ever you will do, I will support you. Wherever you will go, I will accomapny you. If you want to stay in exile and settle down, we’ll do that. If you want to organize help, liberate your people, we’ll do that.” Grateful Gela looked into his eyes, since she was able to stand on the snow she was at eyelevel with him. Slowly di she near his lips, kissed him gently. “Let us go home.” she breathed. “Once we have made one for ourselves.”