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Highborne Journal – 1 Orb (ep 08)

“Why not? Their weavers, or conjurers, were always after our weaving secrets.” the old man festive robes replied. A single autumnly leaf floated through Ferlons field of vision, vanishing in the dusk. “If I may speak to the summit?” he leaped forward. “Perhaps one single person, or small group, should be dispatched to assess the situation?” the elders stared at him in wide amazement, the elder in the festive robes pointed at Ferlon all of a sudden. “This is why I wanted younger ones at the summits!” he turned to his fellow elders. “We can sit here and pragmatically discuss this for weeks on end, but the curiosity and energy of younger ones make the wiser decisions sometimes!” He turned back to Ferlon. “Go, find someone to aid you, and then depart!” Ferlon attempted to speak up, but he saw determination in the elders eyes. He was well aware that Ferlon was a monk of the sanctum, a pupil Danariens. But at the same time a weaver, through countless meditations well acquainted with the ether. “I shall do so.” he said with a thin voice. “Fair day!” “Fair day.” the elder smiled friendly. Jelendor interrupted feeding his animal friends as he heard the chimes, he had hung at the entrance to his families gardens, ring. “You are in luck.” he opened tbe gate, his instincts had told him that Ferlon would be at the door. “The guys I had in mind for you still need to be fed, come and acquaint yourself with them!” reluctantly Ferlon followed his host into the gardens. The two men passed by three Phoenix’, they sat underneath a bush and clucked, one of them was the new arrival. “You aren’t attending the festivities?” Ferlon tried to step only where Jelendor had stepped, in an effort to avoid stepping into feces.”I am not.” Jelendor led his guest to a stable, fruit where piled up in front of it, most were common and grew in the garden of his, but some he had bought at the market. Smirking triumphantly Jelendor opened the door and let Ferlon step inside. “By all spirits!” gasping in surprise Ferlon stumbled backwards. “Griffins?” he turned a face filled with shock to Jelendor, who nodded, still bearing the triumphant smirk. Only in passing had Ferlon heard of Griffins, powerful creatures, just as mythical as the Phoenix. “They can carry a fully grown man, with some additional luggage, but it takes a long time to master the art of riding them.” he looked Ferlon up and down. “But I guess we do not have that time?” just nodding Ferlon confirmed that suspicion. Judgingly Jelendor looked around, studying the four creatures that sat in their alcoves looking at the stranger with curious interest. “He would fit you, he follows any lead, but I would have to accompany you on another.” Jelendor pointed at the Griffin that was closest to Ferlon. “You mean to tell me that I would have to ascend to the skies on the back of a Griffin?” Ferlon backed away until he bumped against the stable wall. “I mean to.” Jelendors smirk intensified, but weakened immediately as he turned to the Griffins again. “And I have to join you. lead the way.” his look fell out of the stable window, the Phoenix that had arrived still sat amongst the others and happily acquainted himself with them. “He has to show us the way.” Ferlon looked at the mythical bird, a shadow of doubt crossed his face. Even though he knew the Phoenix to be able to guide them, it did not seem as if the bird wanted to return. Like a rooster in a flock of hens the new arrival sat and seemed to be happy to be where he was. Jelendor excused himself for a moment and walked up to the ethereal birds, he kneed down to the one he and Ferlon needed as a guide. Ferlon did not hear what the beast-master said but could gather that he spoke to the animal as if it was a normal person. Ferlon barely dared to take a look, Jelendor had taken the two Griffin to the tallest tree in his garden. Their four cat like paws allowed them to climb it with ease. On the ground he had mounted a saddle on each of them. Oddly to Ferlon only the Phoenix appeared in the branches of the tree to guide them. Barely looking any further than the edge of his saddle Ferlon held on tightly to a handle on the saddle. Although Jelendor had given him basic instructions Ferlon was insecure, so Jelendor had given him the beginners saddle. “Ready?” the tall man turned to Ferlon. “No.” with a smile Jelendor nodded to the Phoenix, immediately the bird took off, Jelendors griffin leapped majestically after it, followed by Ferlons griffin.

Customer service

my balls.
I know I am not the first, nor the last, to complain about this, but the recently received email angered me.

“Please rate”, your transaction, your business partner, your product,  our service, your business partner’s service, etc.
What are you? An insecure idiot that wants constant approval? “Was it good for you?” What if I say no?

How is this customer friendly? You’re feeding me with unsaturated hatred! I rarely, if ever, read any user reviews on products onamazonline, because 99% of them are either written when angry (probably due to end-user-failure, hint: replace user and retry!) or when so high that Keith Richards seems like an anti drug activist. The last 1% is on books.
I never read any reviews of business partners, because WHO CARES?, I need that shit, and I need it asap, not in 3 weeks when the other seller is restocked. So I order it from them. Period.

It’s this constant IN YOUR FACE politics of online retailers that make me understand pirating even more. (Money and time aspect aside)
Pirate bay isn’t going berserk in your face upon your second visit: “People who downloaded that disgusting crap you downloaded last week, also viewed this weird shit, and many downloaded that sick crap! Please don’t forget to rate and review your download! Please tell us how you felt about the people you downloaded from. How do you like our service?”

I wish I had a Canon.
No, not a product from that company, but one that makes rather large holes into people, buildings and landscapes. With my canon I would shoot at the idiots over at Canon.

Why the sudden homicidal outburst?

Imagine you have an important document to scan, and you have this fancy Scanner-Printer-Fax combo at home (or your office for that matter). Sorry, but unless you refill your INK you can’t SCAN shit!!!
If I find out who thought that, that would be a good idea, hide from my canon. And no, you can’t switch to scanning to skip that annoying little obstacle. Wish it was that easy…

BTW: a fax? Why not send it over on a dinosaur?

Highborne Journal – 1 Orb (ep 07)

“What does it say?” the beast-masters voice tore Ferlon from his thoughts, after he exchanged an inquiring look with Jelendor, Ferlon opened the parchment, it had not been sealed, as it once was tradition with messages relied via Phoenix. A simple cord had been used to close the roll. For a moment Ferlons eyes followed the lines on the parchment, before he let his hand sink. “It calls out for help as the town of Jath’moihm is under grave peril.” Jelendor stated at Ferlon for a few minutes, but then got up and turned to the stairway. “If you need a speedy way to reach it let me know.” he displayed knowledge of their peoples geography Ferlon wouldn’t have attributed to him. Town elders sat at the shrine for the spirits of the forest. Bright blue light shone from the ethereal pond at its center. They all had read the parchment the Phoenix had carried into town. Meanwhile the festivities for the blooming flower were underway. Somehow Ferlon felt glad that he couldn’t participate, but rather had to attend a meeting of the town elders. “Jath’moihm is calling out help from the temple town and port of Thar’maihm.” an old woman cried out into the circle. “For more than one generation, not a word of our brothers and sisters.” well aware their kind lived up to more than two hundred years, she and the others had grown up with Jath’moihm being only a town none had seen nor heard of except in passing. “And now they seek our help.” “Don’t forget, their lands are cut off from ours through the fungus!” an elderly man in robes rose from his seat. The ornaments of his robes were blooming flowers and blossoms, clearly he had dressed for the festivities, but had to attend the summit. “For more than a generation, not even a Phoenix!” the old woman tried to make her point. Their town had assumed the other dead, or disinterested in continued relations. “Isn’t our town as guilty as theirs?” the robed elder still was standing. “Haven’t our fathers and mothers broken the communication from this end as well?” he walked towards the pond. “They are still of our blood, we must aid them!” ashamed the old woman sunk her head while the other elders agreed with him. “Besides!” he calmed the other elders with a gesture of his hands. “They called out to any town, the Phoenix’ could reach, they had not called out for us in particular, perhaps they assumed us just as dead as we assumed them.” Ferlon studied the elders. Somehow no one seemed to point out that the nature of the peril Jath’moihm and its citizens faced was not revealed. It could be anything from disease to an invading force, maybe even a rivalry in their own ranks. “Perhaps the fungus has to do with it!?” the old woman from before shouted out again, in the meantime she had swayed into aiding the others. Ferlons curiosity had been awakened. The fungus. A powerful growth that had seized large portions of the continent, spawning selfaware creatures, more fungus than man or highborn. After almost a millennium livingvside by side with the fungus nation it was still unclear whether the fungus itself was selfaware. All the towns and tribes had worked together to stop the fungus from advancing further, well aware that a defeat of the growth was impossible. Aside the fact that they considered genocide, in order to avenge aggressive expansion, was a crime against the earth that born all of them.”After almost a millennium, the fungus?” another old woman had taken the opportunity to speak up.

Highborne Journal – 1 Orb (ep 06)

“Probably.” the beast master smirked, but was clearly happy that Ferlon opened an entrance to the spire. At the height of their chests the lowest steppes of the spiraling stairs ended, the rest had collapsed together with the exterior wall. Skillful each of the two men climbed upon the steppes and started ascending.

“My name is Jelendor.” the beast-master introduced himself after they had been climbing the stairs for several minutes, well outside earshot of the crowd at the base of the spire.

The staircase opened up to an open platform, four columns held the onion shaped roof.

At the eastern opening of the platform sat a bird, as tall as man, its feathers seemed to vanish flame like into the ethereal. Immediately it shied away from Ferlon as he tried to approach it.

Carefully Jelendor inched towards it, clearly showing his expertise in dealing with the Phoenix, the Phoenix did not flinch. Gently he touched the Phoenix’ head and neck, leaned his forehead against the birds.

Reluctantly the Phoenix stretched forth one of it’s claws and released a parchment to Jelendors waiting hand. Skillfully Jelendor rolled the parchment to Ferlon while picking a piece of meat from his pocket, feeding it to the Phoenix. “You’re a beauty.” he mumbled, studying the birds feathers. “You can come with me and rest amongst your own?” the bird leaned in and sniffed noisily at Jelendors clothes. Suddenly it lifted it’s head up in the sky and screamed joyfully. “It’s over there, in the densely grown garden.” he pointed out of the spire at a huge garden at the outskirts of the town. Fluently the Phoenix turned away and flew to the patch of dense forest in the lighter forest of the town. “Are you truly alone as a beast-master?” Jelendor looked up at Ferlon who had walked up to him. “Not really, of course the Phoenix’ and my other animal friends are there, also my wife and children.” Ferlon felt slight discomfort.

A wife and children.

He had not found the time in his life to found a family.

Thinking about it he felt that most women were not the slightest interested in a man who meditated in the shrines, the sanctums, the temples.

Athena, Otto & Teddy in the meadow (Bedtimestory)

Muffled came the sounds to the ears of Athena and Otto and Teddy. They were safely tucked away in the bag, because the little boy was visiting his grandmother, who lived near the Danube meadows.

Once the sounds of the car had long been gone the three dared to leave the bag. Outside the day was low, twilight replaced the daytime, and soon night would be upon them. Not much of time for the little owl Athena to greet the local owls, some distant relatives of hers, and for Otto Ferdinand von Hinkelbein the noble little frog, to meet the local frogs, also cousins of his. The hooting in the distant thick forests, and the croaking in the mist meadows and ponds was luring them away.

Sad and lonely Teddy sat at the doorstep gazing out after them.

There were no bears.
No relatives to visit.
He felt alone and deserted, when all of sudden a tiny hand reached for him!

PRessed against the little boy Teddy felt no loneliness anymore. Both were fast asleep when Athena and Otto returned from their relatives.

Highborne Journal – 1 Orb (ep 05)

After leaving the temple Ferlon marched to Ghalrons home, which consisted of a single room in a dormitory for temple maidens and priests. Memories of a time long gone rose in Ferlons mind, memories of times when he himself had lived in the dormitory, while still in training for the temple, shortly before being discovered by Danarien to be trained for the sanctum in the woods. “The sanctum for the seventh element, time!” were her exact words.

Ferlon shook the memories off. He barely had rested as Ghalron stood next to his bed. “A Phoenix has landed on the spire.” Quickly the two men rushed out of the dormitory, in the heart of the spiritual district a tall spire rose above the trees. Dubbed spire of the skies by the people, it once was a platform for news exchange. Phoenix’ landed on it bearing news from other towns, but over time traveling merchants had taken over relying messages and news. A Phoenix landing at the spire was a truly extraordinary event.

A huge crowd had gathered around the base of the spire. Temple maidens, priests and priestesses, novices, merchants and peasants.

“Excuse me!” Ferlon noticed a tall man trying to get through to the building. Unlike the other people he wore animal skin and a whip. “The last beast-master of these lands.” Ghalron explained. “His family used to breed Phoenix, it is rumored they still have some of them.” Ferlon kept looking at the man as he tried to maneuver through the people, but was ignored by the amazed, and terrified people. “We should help him.” he finally stated his intention, leaving Ghalron in a speechless state of surprise.

“I must insist you let us pass!” Ferlon appeared next to the beast-master, shouting at the people. Apparently his robes had an effect on their minds that was stronger than the leather clothing of the other man. With a grateful nod the beast-master thanked him as they maneuvered through the narrow corridor the people formed for them. At the foot of the spire they realized that the entrance was missing. Another building had been placed before it, after the spire had become redundant. “Are you a weaver?” the beastmaster stared at the spire but clearly addressed Ferlon. An elongated sigh was Ferlons answer. “So you are, but you don’t use your powers for violent pursuits.” the man turned his head slowly to Ferlon. “Unless you have to.” Rolling his eyes Ferlon shoved the man aside, moments later a door sized hole crumbled out of the wall. “You would’ve bombarded it, am I right?”

Highborne Journal – 1 Orb (ep 04)

“Welcome weary traveler.” a temple maiden stood at the entrance to the town and greeted Ferlon, giving him a flower bracelet. She and the other temple maidens did that with all the travelers that arrived, gently reminding them of the upcoming festivities of the blooming flower. “Fair day!” he smiled peacefully thanking her for the bracelet. Other than the reason for his presence he was looking forward to a bed, he had wandered for two days since his meditation at the sanctum.

Although the town was fenced off by a tall wall the forest did not stop at the wall, rather the wall had been built into the forest, along with all the other buildings. The colors of the buildings varied, some were ashgrey withba hint of blue, others appeared more blue. The less forested part bore beige colors, ornaments in red and gold. Ferlon studied the sun shrine for a moment. Seven spires in ochre coloring with red and golden tips were positioned around a small bulge in the ground, there was a depression on its top, an eternal, ethereal, golden flame burned in it.

Hastily he went onward to the temple of the four cardinal directions. A large dome with yellow and blue ornaments on the pillars supporting it rose before him. The temple had no walls, but soft ramps that led to the four circular platforms.

In the center a sphere of ether floated suspended. “Ferlon. Welcome!” a man equally festive robes as Ferlons greeted him at the temple. “Ghalron. Thank you for having me!” both men extended their hands, hugged for a moment.

“The serpent women of the seas had been attacked last year before the winter.” Ghalron immediately started the conversation. “Their numbers will rise again, without taking any lives.” Ferlon replied inducing an astonished expression with his old friend. “The flame of the forest sanctum told me of their fate!” as the slowly walked the seemingly perpetual ramps in the temple Ferlon stopped after they had been east and south, just before entering west. “The sanctum lies in autumn. Leaves colored as fire engulfed the entire forest for my entire meditation. Not like any autumn I’ve ever witnessed, the leaves falling were as dense as falling snow.” Ghalron studied Ferlons expression for a while. “I don’t think it is actual, but nevertheless, we should try to see it differently too.” he smiled a relieving smile. “But to night we should enjoy honeywine and fruits! The festivities for the blooming flower are upon us.” nodding Ferlon agreed, but stayed to look around the temple after Ghalron had left. Submerged in thought Ferlon continued to walk the ramps. On the individual platforms the six elements had a small elementary representation. Barely seeing what was before his eyes Ferlon stared at fire, earth, water, air, metal and ether, the element of magic. Unnaturally the blob of water rested on its place, a pile of soil, a small whirl turned perpetually in place, a flame and a ball of ether. Gently the flame flickered, grew in intensity, turned into the vague shape of a man, or woman, before returning into its normal form.

It took Ferlon several moments until he realised what just had happened before his very eyes. Mild concern appeared on his face as he turned to continue the walk to the south, nothing out of the ordinary happened with the elements there.

Athena, Otto & Teddy (Bedtimestory)

Once upon a stormy night Athena, the little owl, wanted to go to town, so the little boy could cuddle with her and fall asleep while she watched over his sleep, preying on bad dreams.

But the storm blew her away!

When she perched upon a root to rest and get her bearings, she heard a Frog’s croak.
“Hello?” she hooted.
“Hello there!” a tiny frog hopped into sight. His name was Otto Ferdinand von Hinkelbein, a noble little frog. “You seem lost.” he tilted his head.
“I am!” Athena raised her wings in dispair. “I need to get to town, the little oy needs me! Without me watching over his sleep, and without cuddling me, he can’t sleep well.” she hung her head, a tear of dispair dropped from her beak after running from her eye.
“I can show you the way to town.” Otto Ferdinand croaked with a broad smile. “If you take me to the boy with you, he might need my help too in a storm like this!”
For a moment Athan pondered, and nodded, smiling too.

So Otto Ferdinand hopped on, Athena hopped behind him, flying only small distances to look around, maybe she’d recognize the way? But Otto had to lead her all the way to the town.
On the edge of town they met Teddy, the little old bear that once was the cuddle toy of the little boy’s father. He had waited for Athena, but when she failed to show up he went to look for her. Happy to finally having found her he led Otto Ferdinand and Athena to the little boy.

There the three climbed the crib and were greeted with open, and tired arms. Pressing the three against his chest, sleep finally found the little boy.


Highborne Journal – 1 Orb (ep 03)

His path led Ferlon away from the hills and mountains into a lower terrain. Overgrown ruins seamed the path. The former temple town, abandoned for aeons. No one dared to stray from the path in the ruins, it was said that the spirits and ghosts of the ancestors still roamed the town. But Ferlon could not avoid walking by the ruins of a great temple of the cardinal points. The temple of the cardinal points in the town he was headed to, always fascinated him, but curiosity for the ancient temple drove him to disregard the rumors and myths. Reassuring himself Ferlon looked to the far ends of the path as far as he could see it, before he left the path and made his way to the old temple. After a few steps he sensed the presence of the ancestors, just as the rumors and myths predicted. “I should haste.” he sighed, turning around, retraced his steps to the path and continued on his way to the town, longingly glancing to the old temple that still was largely intact, risen above the other structures in the deeply saturated green of the forest around. While wandering off he turned a few times to look back at the graceful building with the four elongated balkonies that stretched to the sides from the spire with the dome on top. On the other side of the road there was a building that seemed to have tried to match the temples durability. A shrine that was devoted to the spirits of the forest. Still pale light was emitting from the pond in its center, even though parts of the walls had collapsed and the roof had caved in. Ferlon was under the impression that some of the spirits were floating by the starlightwell, momentarily made visible, before vanishing into their ethereal invisibility again.

Quickly he hasted on as the vague shape of an ancestral spirit appeared in the shining pit. A partly overgrown sign told of a fishers village down a fork in the road, as well as some caves that housed the shrine for the earthen spirits. Ferlon regretted his need for haste, it had been long since he had visited the shrine.

The caverns were dangerous, as a tribe of the serpent women of the seas had made it their land based home. Although he had seen that the fisher village nearby was out of danger, any trespasser of the cave were not.

Highborne Journal – 1 Orb (ep 02)

All around the lake was dense forest, only a row a stones allowed for dry passage to the island that rested at the center of the lake. There was only one large building on it, but several open structures, rows and rows of blooming flowers and bushes shrouded the island with a cloud of sweet smell. “The sanctuary lies in autumn.” the man stated as he approached a woman. She had white blind eyes but seemed to see perfectly. “As I feared.” she turned away from him and pointed at a cushioned bench unterneath an open structure that supported a roof. “Did the flame reveal anything, Ferlon?” the man sat down next to her. “The waters at sea will be calm, no harm will ascend from the waves any more.”

Danarien nodded gently, her blind gaze in the distance. “They are not dead I assume?”

“Not all of them.” Ferlon replied, although not blind also staring blank into the distance. “But the gate and sanctum lie in autumn. The leaves seemed like fire, I sense no good of this.” Danarien agreeingly nodded, she turned her head facing across the lake. “The season of the butterfly is close. You should haste to the temple.” a little confused Ferlon turned his head in the same direction. “I shall do so.” he felt Danariens hand on his arm as he attempted to leave. “Time is of the essence.” there was a sense of urgency in her voice and expression. “Understood. Fair day, Danarien.”

Again Ferlon crossed the lake over the stone pillars that were sunk in the deep lake, a glance over his shoulder revealed the island to be shrouded again in a haze of yellow-pink mist. Danarien usually laid that haze over the entire lake to meditate in peace