“The native Albin from the other side of the calm ocean kept the island in between sacred, made it forbidden for our kind to enter it. Since the magistrate of Valborhim had mobilised forces against the fungals, the ships that reached the island met ships from the other side of the calm sea, also heading into battle against the invaders.” a tall man with very dark skin explained what had been happening at the front.

“The fungal guards on the island have issued a surrender, all their troops left the island, and all captive natives were to be released. Many suspect that there still are captives, but none of the parties would go into war over them.” the tall man with the dark skin continued his report to Gela who leaned against Crys. “We thank you for bringing us this information!” she bowed before the emissary.
“Allow me the question, but will you return home, now that it is safe?”

Quickly Gela and Crys exchanged a glance, smiled peacefully. Gela dug up her feet which she had burrowed into the ground, holding hands they wandered towards the cabin, after waving the emissaries with them.

“How are the magic users doing?” glancing over her shoulder Gela was genuinely concerned as the fungal conjurers had access to nectar, and thus posed a further threat. “Magic in the world is declining Ma’am. Sadly. I once was an expert in the fine arts, now I’m a clerical news agent.” the tall dark man frowned. As Gela looked into Crys’ face her eyes posed a question, she and Crys had been preparing for a possible return of the fungal guards. Slight discomfort appeared in his face, but he nodded. “I brought with me a special recipe, you will find it,” she looked into distance at the waving treetops. “empowering.” she smiled at their guests. “Upon returning to the coastal regions ask my people kindly for more of the Jal’bothan. One drop in a liter of water should do fine.” the tall man raised an eyebrow, the one man who had not spoken since their arrival noted the word on a parchment. Neither of them had any hopes for it, many supposed elixirs and potions had been rumored . None showed any effect. “But first,” Crys opened the door to the cabin, revealing a small room with a table, two chairs and a bed, with many liter bottles underneath it, all filled with a glowing, red, clear liquid in them.

Next to the window was a thigh high contraption with earth in it, two small leaves stretched into the light from a fist sized bean. The strangers stepped closer, they were puzzled at first, but the sunrays shining against the bean revealed a tiny shade inside. A shade shaped like an unborn. “I will stay here, my family is here now.” Gela smiled, gently caressing the bean.