Slowly the leaves of the trees were falling, high above the colorful baldachin winds drove into the trees shaking loose the colorful leaves. Almost like colorful snowflakes they rained from the heavens all around the lone gate of stone. Symbols and markings had been carved into the rock that formed the gate. The gate itself stood in a depression fenced off by a circular, entirely undecorated wall with two circular openings on opposing sides of the gate. A man in festive robes stood inside the gate, his eyes were closed, arms stretched to side as to thank for a blessing.

With rustling noise the wind drove a cloud of colorful leaves towards the sanctum, but they flew around the round wall.

Ever so slowly did the man open his eyes. Saddened he turned around and slowly walked out of the sanctum, the circular openings suddenly filled with the same rock as the walls around them, leaving only bright red bricks as an indication of their existence. Walking in silence the man ascended a hill above the sanctum, reassuring himself he turned over his should looking at the gate.

A tiny green flame in a small hole of the gates frame danced unremittingly. For a moment it flickered into a blue color and an odd shape before returning to its green normal state.