His path led Ferlon away from the hills and mountains into a lower terrain. Overgrown ruins seamed the path. The former temple town, abandoned for aeons. No one dared to stray from the path in the ruins, it was said that the spirits and ghosts of the ancestors still roamed the town. But Ferlon could not avoid walking by the ruins of a great temple of the cardinal points. The temple of the cardinal points in the town he was headed to, always fascinated him, but curiosity for the ancient temple drove him to disregard the rumors and myths. Reassuring himself Ferlon looked to the far ends of the path as far as he could see it, before he left the path and made his way to the old temple. After a few steps he sensed the presence of the ancestors, just as the rumors and myths predicted. “I should haste.” he sighed, turning around, retraced his steps to the path and continued on his way to the town, longingly glancing to the old temple that still was largely intact, risen above the other structures in the deeply saturated green of the forest around. While wandering off he turned a few times to look back at the graceful building with the four elongated balkonies that stretched to the sides from the spire with the dome on top. On the other side of the road there was a building that seemed to have tried to match the temples durability. A shrine that was devoted to the spirits of the forest. Still pale light was emitting from the pond in its center, even though parts of the walls had collapsed and the roof had caved in. Ferlon was under the impression that some of the spirits were floating by the starlightwell, momentarily made visible, before vanishing into their ethereal invisibility again.

Quickly he hasted on as the vague shape of an ancestral spirit appeared in the shining pit. A partly overgrown sign told of a fishers village down a fork in the road, as well as some caves that housed the shrine for the earthen spirits. Ferlon regretted his need for haste, it had been long since he had visited the shrine.

The caverns were dangerous, as a tribe of the serpent women of the seas had made it their land based home. Although he had seen that the fisher village nearby was out of danger, any trespasser of the cave were not.