“Welcome weary traveler.” a temple maiden stood at the entrance to the town and greeted Ferlon, giving him a flower bracelet. She and the other temple maidens did that with all the travelers that arrived, gently reminding them of the upcoming festivities of the blooming flower. “Fair day!” he smiled peacefully thanking her for the bracelet. Other than the reason for his presence he was looking forward to a bed, he had wandered for two days since his meditation at the sanctum.

Although the town was fenced off by a tall wall the forest did not stop at the wall, rather the wall had been built into the forest, along with all the other buildings. The colors of the buildings varied, some were ashgrey withba hint of blue, others appeared more blue. The less forested part bore beige colors, ornaments in red and gold. Ferlon studied the sun shrine for a moment. Seven spires in ochre coloring with red and golden tips were positioned around a small bulge in the ground, there was a depression on its top, an eternal, ethereal, golden flame burned in it.

Hastily he went onward to the temple of the four cardinal directions. A large dome with yellow and blue ornaments on the pillars supporting it rose before him. The temple had no walls, but soft ramps that led to the four circular platforms.

In the center a sphere of ether floated suspended. “Ferlon. Welcome!” a man equally festive robes as Ferlons greeted him at the temple. “Ghalron. Thank you for having me!” both men extended their hands, hugged for a moment.

“The serpent women of the seas had been attacked last year before the winter.” Ghalron immediately started the conversation. “Their numbers will rise again, without taking any lives.” Ferlon replied inducing an astonished expression with his old friend. “The flame of the forest sanctum told me of their fate!” as the slowly walked the seemingly perpetual ramps in the temple Ferlon stopped after they had been east and south, just before entering west. “The sanctum lies in autumn. Leaves colored as fire engulfed the entire forest for my entire meditation. Not like any autumn I’ve ever witnessed, the leaves falling were as dense as falling snow.” Ghalron studied Ferlons expression for a while. “I don’t think it is actual, but nevertheless, we should try to see it differently too.” he smiled a relieving smile. “But to night we should enjoy honeywine and fruits! The festivities for the blooming flower are upon us.” nodding Ferlon agreed, but stayed to look around the temple after Ghalron had left. Submerged in thought Ferlon continued to walk the ramps. On the individual platforms the six elements had a small elementary representation. Barely seeing what was before his eyes Ferlon stared at fire, earth, water, air, metal and ether, the element of magic. Unnaturally the blob of water rested on its place, a pile of soil, a small whirl turned perpetually in place, a flame and a ball of ether. Gently the flame flickered, grew in intensity, turned into the vague shape of a man, or woman, before returning into its normal form.

It took Ferlon several moments until he realised what just had happened before his very eyes. Mild concern appeared on his face as he turned to continue the walk to the south, nothing out of the ordinary happened with the elements there.