After leaving the temple Ferlon marched to Ghalrons home, which consisted of a single room in a dormitory for temple maidens and priests. Memories of a time long gone rose in Ferlons mind, memories of times when he himself had lived in the dormitory, while still in training for the temple, shortly before being discovered by Danarien to be trained for the sanctum in the woods. “The sanctum for the seventh element, time!” were her exact words.

Ferlon shook the memories off. He barely had rested as Ghalron stood next to his bed. “A Phoenix has landed on the spire.” Quickly the two men rushed out of the dormitory, in the heart of the spiritual district a tall spire rose above the trees. Dubbed spire of the skies by the people, it once was a platform for news exchange. Phoenix’ landed on it bearing news from other towns, but over time traveling merchants had taken over relying messages and news. A Phoenix landing at the spire was a truly extraordinary event.

A huge crowd had gathered around the base of the spire. Temple maidens, priests and priestesses, novices, merchants and peasants.

“Excuse me!” Ferlon noticed a tall man trying to get through to the building. Unlike the other people he wore animal skin and a whip. “The last beast-master of these lands.” Ghalron explained. “His family used to breed Phoenix, it is rumored they still have some of them.” Ferlon kept looking at the man as he tried to maneuver through the people, but was ignored by the amazed, and terrified people. “We should help him.” he finally stated his intention, leaving Ghalron in a speechless state of surprise.

“I must insist you let us pass!” Ferlon appeared next to the beast-master, shouting at the people. Apparently his robes had an effect on their minds that was stronger than the leather clothing of the other man. With a grateful nod the beast-master thanked him as they maneuvered through the narrow corridor the people formed for them. At the foot of the spire they realized that the entrance was missing. Another building had been placed before it, after the spire had become redundant. “Are you a weaver?” the beastmaster stared at the spire but clearly addressed Ferlon. An elongated sigh was Ferlons answer. “So you are, but you don’t use your powers for violent pursuits.” the man turned his head slowly to Ferlon. “Unless you have to.” Rolling his eyes Ferlon shoved the man aside, moments later a door sized hole crumbled out of the wall. “You would’ve bombarded it, am I right?”