“What does it say?” the beast-masters voice tore Ferlon from his thoughts, after he exchanged an inquiring look with Jelendor, Ferlon opened the parchment, it had not been sealed, as it once was tradition with messages relied via Phoenix. A simple cord had been used to close the roll. For a moment Ferlons eyes followed the lines on the parchment, before he let his hand sink. “It calls out for help as the town of Jath’moihm is under grave peril.” Jelendor stated at Ferlon for a few minutes, but then got up and turned to the stairway. “If you need a speedy way to reach it let me know.” he displayed knowledge of their peoples geography Ferlon wouldn’t have attributed to him. Town elders sat at the shrine for the spirits of the forest. Bright blue light shone from the ethereal pond at its center. They all had read the parchment the Phoenix had carried into town. Meanwhile the festivities for the blooming flower were underway. Somehow Ferlon felt glad that he couldn’t participate, but rather had to attend a meeting of the town elders. “Jath’moihm is calling out help from the temple town and port of Thar’maihm.” an old woman cried out into the circle. “For more than one generation, not a word of our brothers and sisters.” well aware their kind lived up to more than two hundred years, she and the others had grown up with Jath’moihm being only a town none had seen nor heard of except in passing. “And now they seek our help.” “Don’t forget, their lands are cut off from ours through the fungus!” an elderly man in robes rose from his seat. The ornaments of his robes were blooming flowers and blossoms, clearly he had dressed for the festivities, but had to attend the summit. “For more than a generation, not even a Phoenix!” the old woman tried to make her point. Their town had assumed the other dead, or disinterested in continued relations. “Isn’t our town as guilty as theirs?” the robed elder still was standing. “Haven’t our fathers and mothers broken the communication from this end as well?” he walked towards the pond. “They are still of our blood, we must aid them!” ashamed the old woman sunk her head while the other elders agreed with him. “Besides!” he calmed the other elders with a gesture of his hands. “They called out to any town, the Phoenix’ could reach, they had not called out for us in particular, perhaps they assumed us just as dead as we assumed them.” Ferlon studied the elders. Somehow no one seemed to point out that the nature of the peril Jath’moihm and its citizens faced was not revealed. It could be anything from disease to an invading force, maybe even a rivalry in their own ranks. “Perhaps the fungus has to do with it!?” the old woman from before shouted out again, in the meantime she had swayed into aiding the others. Ferlons curiosity had been awakened. The fungus. A powerful growth that had seized large portions of the continent, spawning selfaware creatures, more fungus than man or highborn. After almost a millennium livingvside by side with the fungus nation it was still unclear whether the fungus itself was selfaware. All the towns and tribes had worked together to stop the fungus from advancing further, well aware that a defeat of the growth was impossible. Aside the fact that they considered genocide, in order to avenge aggressive expansion, was a crime against the earth that born all of them.”After almost a millennium, the fungus?” another old woman had taken the opportunity to speak up.